Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Toilets and holidays

A crap morning followed by a slightly better afternoon/evening is the summary of today. Was really fed up with life due to (a) the toilet still being broken - it's been broken since the weekend and we've been unable to flush and having to use buckets of water instead. Shades of the war years ... and (b) still being without anywhere to stay next week when our holidays beckon.

However, the day slowly brightened - Lord H rang me to say the toilet had been mended though the plumber charged us £70!! £70, I ask you - hell, I'm in the wrong bloody job!! Hope we were given gold-lined pipes for that - but actually the bliss of having it back in full working order is probably beyond price. Also, we've finally managed to book a holiday - in the end we went for the Peak District in a hotel which has a beauty salon too. Roll on more massages and Indian head treatments for me, I hope! It's such an incredible relief to get it sorted, as it's really been worrying me. Hurrah!

And so tonight, it's Torchwood and - please God, as I'm shattered - an early night. Or a relatively early one.

Today's nice things:

1. A mended toilet
2. Getting our holiday hotel.

Anne Brooke

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