Monday, November 06, 2006

Goldenford meeting

Goodness, Monday morning lasted all day today - a real effort not to run out of the room and across campus screaming! Still, in spite of that, I managed to get started on the amendments to our new mentoring handbook and finalise the Student Care Services annual report for Senate. So, I almost looked like a professional. For once.

Took a stroll round the university at lunchtime in spite of the galloping cold - and got myself warm enough to sit by the lake for a while and stare at the ducks. And moorhens, which are funnier.

Tonight we had a Goldenford ( meeting - lots of talk about marketing, next year's books and what to do for Christmas. Barclays in Guildford have invited us back for a Christmas reading on 30 November for a party they're having, I think, but Jennifer is finding out more details later. Good that they want us though - will now have to think of what reading to do!

Today's nice things:

1. Ducks
2. Moorhens
3. The Barclays invite.

Anne Brooke

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