Sunday, November 05, 2006

Enneagram weekend

Just come back from an Enneagram: My Personality weekend at Emmaus House in Bristol. Missed Lord H like crazy, but it was a good weekend. Well worth it. I think it's made a lot of things clearer. I'm definitely in the Type 4 (The Romantic) zone, and it resonated with me to be there - which means (surprise, surprise), I'm very up and down, feel things intently, look for connections, and am always thinking things will be better in the future (or they were better in the past). My proposed development work includes looking for balance and giving myself room to be me. Suits me, sir. And I also liked the fact they included some of the Alexander Technique in the sessions, so had a "whole person" view, which is something I'm realising is more and more important.

Anyway, there's a lot to take in, and I suspect it will take several weeks to digest it all. But I'd definitely like to go on the Enneagram 2 weekend next March. I think it's important.

But poor Lord H - he's got a terrible back now after trying to look at sorting the loo out. This week's tasks - call a doctor and a plumber. I'm worried about him.

This weekend's nice things:

1. Finding out about my Enneagram zone.

Anne Brooke

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