Thursday, November 23, 2006

Counselling and a good review

Woke up this morning, terrified by the amount of stuff I had to do today. And rather befuddled by the bottle of red Lord H and I consumed last night. (He was making stew, so naturally we had to finish the bottle ...). Hell, I'm too old for this midweek drinking lark. Mind you, I probably shouldn't have had that sherry first. Hmm ...

So, a bright and early doctor's appointment (8.30am - what was I thinking??) to look at how I'm doing in the depression stakes. I do think those Vit B pills he gave me might be kicking in now, as I feel a bit stronger. I've another month's supply left and apparently I could buy them over the counter afterwards, which I think I will do. We'll see. I'm still trying to take it easy and not push myself too much. Once again, the good doctor was super-keen on a few moments of prayer at the end of our discussion - which this time I rather felt was something of an imposition. Please, oh good Christian people! I'm not of that mindset at the moment - it's hard enough being me without having a frame of references pushed onto my head ...

Which made my first counselling session at the Castle Street Clinic ( - but it's probably not working right now ...) very good, as I could tell my new Counsellor, Kunu, this and she seemed to think it was all very normal. For a mad person (sorry - that's my addition, not hers!...). Actually, she was great, and I felt very positive afterwards, so I've booked a set of six with her, starting next week. Then, it was onto the garage to sort out my broken wing mirror - which Lord H has managed to knock back into a position where I can now partially use it. The garage are going to get a new one and give me a ring when it's in, but until then I shall be a bird with a broken wing. All very seasonal, somehow. The thing that made me most proud, however, was the fact that the girl at the Service reception actually recognised me from her time as the barmaid of The Squirrel in Hurtmore. Hell, at last I have local contacts!! Though of course everyone in the garage instantly had me marked as a rampant alcoholic. Mind you, after last night's wine, I can't say I blame them ...

After all that, it was a quick sprint home for my lunchtime golf game with Marian - we had fun, but did badly. We blamed the wet grass of course ... Decided to come home without seeing Gladys, as I think I've had too much social inclusion for one day. Way too much! I'll see how I feel about popping in tomorrow.

But - joy! At home, I found another 5-star review of "Pink Champagne and Apple Juice" on Amazon, which has really cheered me up. I attach it for your amusement below:

“A cracking good story and such wonderful characters, none of them too wicked nor too pious. They are all so real and colourful. John aka Jolene has just the right mix of impudence, sauciness and humanity to make us love him/her. It is, of course, Angie's story, and we are with her all the way. This is one of those books you don't want to put down or finish. Another story about Angie would be fantastic!”

Hurrah - people are reading the darn thing - miracle of miracles! Not sure I'm much of a sequel person though ...

As you can tell, I've got no writing done so far, though I might manage a few lines this evening - in between catching up with "Strictly Come Dancing" and various TV comedies. How I love Catherine Tate - especially Nan and those wonderful ginger-haired people!! Nothing wrong with a redhead though - but hell we do need our sun-block ...!

Today's nice things:

1. The review
2. Counselling
3. Golf.

Anne Brooke


Anonymous said...

Great to read that wonderful review. Congratulations on it.


Anne Brooke said...

Thanks, Jackie! Hope Guys 'n' Dolls was good btw!