Thursday, March 13, 2008

Healing the sick and raising the dead

Must say how utterly wonderful last night's reading at the North Camp deli turned out to be. The owners, Claire and Matt, were fabulous and very welcoming people, the shop was superb and the audience very supportive indeed. We sold a healthy number of Goldenford books, including Thorn in the Flesh and Pink Champagne and Apple Juice and the readings and discussion were hugely enjoyable. I came away with free gifts of cheeses and anchovies, and bought a basket of stuff I just couldn't resist. And I even got back in time for "Torchwood". What could be nicer?

Anyway, this morning, I have had my careers consultancy session - very interesting indeed, and I think the consultant was pleased to meet a real-life portfolio worker. And there was I thinking I was Jill of all trades and mistress of none ... Had lots of useful discussions about how to plan my dovetailing careers over the next five or six years and we talked about the concept of creating your own role - which I probably do more easily in my writing life, but it's more muddled in the university one. Came away with issues to think about and a book or two to read. So very worthwhile indeed.

After that I have been healing the sick and raising the dead. Visited my original sick friend in hospital and had a good hour solving the problems of the world. Also took in a fresh supply of bananas and grapes - as you do, and because that was what she asked for. Nipped home to do some editing on Irene's Darshan for Goldenford and to grab some lunch. Which included anchovies, hurrah! Which I know I shouldn't have as they're so salty, but hell they're lovely and you need to keep your strength up when distributing largesse to the needy, ho ho.

I then spent the rest of the afternoon visiting a new sick friend and providing essential gifts of bananas, grapes (well, I thought that as I was buying for one, I may as well buy for two ...) and cheese. We had a great natter, which I enjoyed hugely, and managed to solve the remaining problems of the world left over from my morning sick visit. So everything is now perfect - in case you hadn't realised. Lord H suggested that my mission might be easy to carry out if I wore a long robe and sandals but, frankly, it's not the weather for it, m'dears, so I stuck to my usual jumper and fleece.

Tonight, I need to ring another entirely different sick friend who, thankfully, is now in recovery so I don't need to perform further miracles - which is probably a relief to us all really. And I'm planning further editing and a slump in front of "Ashes to Ashes". I might do a bit more swearing too - just to counteract the effect of so many good works stuffed unaccountably into one day. Indeed, tomorrow I might have to beat up a few old ladies or steal sweets from passing children just to redress the balance. Ah, it's always good to have an aim, don't you know ...

Today's nice things:

1. Careers chat
2. Editing
3. Dispensing good cheer Jane Austen style, but with fewer bonnets.

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Lexi said...

What, no soup and good advice?

HelenMWalters said...

Found you via bookersatz, so I just thought I'd pop over and say hi. Hope you continue to enjoy the Kate Atkinson

Anne Brooke said...

I daren't offer soup in Surrey, Lexi! I'd be drummed out of town! Caviare and counselling is more the style ...


And hello, Helen! Yes I'm still enjoying the Atkinson - rather gripping in fact!