Sunday, March 16, 2008

Editing city

Lots of rain today. We were thinking about going for a quick walk and looking at birds but the weather soon put a stop to that. However, I have to say the garden was a riot of birds - blue tits, dunnocks, robins and green woodpeckers. Fabulous. And how much more pleasant that we could just stay in the warmth and look out at them.

For most of today, I've been continuing the edit of Darshan for Goldenford and am now on Page 240 of 378. Have discussed one major change to the novel with Irene which I think will give an even greater depth and lyricism to the narrative, but of course it's entirely up to the author. Whatever, it's still a fabulous book.

In the midst of all this, I've managed to check the tyres and water of the car and make a plum and peach crumble for lunch. Oh, I am indeed a Domestic Goddess. Ho ho. The crumble was a bit burnt, I have to admit, so even I am not totally infallible however. Sigh.

Tonight, I'll do more editing, and then intend to watch "The Passion" and "Lewis" on TV. Ideal Sunday night viewing really: spirituality and crime. A great combination in anyone's book. Ooh, and I might even manage to grab myself a brief nap. You never know your luck.

This week's haiku:

The night closes in.
Rain holds the promise of light
withdrawn for a time.

Today's nice things:

1. Editing
2. Birdwatching whilst keeping dry
3. TV.

Anne Brooke
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Robin said...

Anne...I like this bird weather also! They are singing this am and my world is almost not quite as bleak today! Robin

Anne Brooke said...

Glad you're enjoying the birds too, Robin! They certainly cheer everything up.



Nik Perring said...

Cool bird goings on, Anne! We've not seen much at all.

Hope the editing's going well.


Jilly said...

There's one thing about a ctumble - it's impossible to make a bad one! Unless it was positively incinerated I bet it tasted gorgeous. I'm making an apple crumble today.

Anne Brooke said...

Keep looking, Nik - they're out there somewhere ... And editing going in fits and starts at the moment.

Ooh, apple crumble - mmmm....