Saturday, March 15, 2008

Don't break a leg, Mr P!

A lazy lie-in this morning and then I continued with the Darshan edit for Goldenford. I'm now on Page 123 and am enjoying the flow of it. Not making many suggestions either - just typos and one or two minor changes only. Certainly nothing major. It's lovely to edit a novel where it's been given a good polish already. Makes all the difference to the job!

This afternoon, Lord H and I went into Guildford and I stocked up on supplies of Dr Stuart's teas from Food for Thought healthshop - as, unlike Holland & Barrett, they're still stocking them, hurrah! I also actually did some girlie shopping (shock! horror!) in M&S and ended up buying a posh tee-shirt, a pair of trousers and a cardigan (sorry, soft jacket ...) - and amazingly they all go together. Ye gods, it must be the extra hormones I'm taking. I never normally buy anything that goes with anything else. At all.

After all that excitement, we settled down to watch "Uncle Vanya" at the Yvonne Arnaud theatre with the hugely sexy (or is that just me?) Nicholas Le Prevost and the nearly-as-sexy Neil Pearson. A wonderful production to my mind (although Lord H thought it might be a tad rushed to be truly Russian - if you see what I mean). Unfortunately, the divine Mr Le P. never quite got to that moment where he holds the pistol and goes "bang!" as during the very dramatic pre-shooting argument, he fell headlong over a chair and twisted his ankle. He and the cast bravely battled on for a few minutes but it was obvious that he wasn't going even to be able to make it off-stage to get the ruddy pistol, at least not without some off-script screaming, so they brought the curtain down. We then had a twenty minute impromptu interval where they carted poor Nicholas off to hospital and prised the understudy out of the pub for the last act-and-a-bit. Ah, of such delights is the British theatrical experience truly made. Still, the understudy scrubbed up well and at least we got to the end, where Sonja makes that glorious lyrical speech which finishes the play so marvellously.

It's certainly a production to remember anyway!

Tonight, we're off to Marian's for dinner and I'm hoping to get a relatively early night as, frankly dahlings, I'm pooped. Must be all the excitement.

Today's nice things:

1. Editing Darshan
2. The drama - both scripted and unscripted - of Chekhov
3. Dinner with Marian.

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Jackie Luben said...

Why do these things happen when you're there, Anne? Are you arranging them beforehand to have ammunition for your journal? Alternatively, are you conjuring up wicked spirits?

Jan said...

Enjoyed calling in again..glad all is obviously very well!

Anne Brooke said...

I don't know, Jackie! I suspect it's the wicked spirits and I anticipate the letter of complaint from the divine Mr P any day now ...

Ooh, and nice to see you too, Jan - hope all well!

Hugs to both



Jilly said...

I totally agree about Neil Pearson - scrumptious is the word I'd use! Did you know he's written a book about the Obelisk publishing house in Paris - called Obelisk. I haven't read it but apparently it's well written. You never know what hidden talents people have! The theatre accident is what I like about British theatre - somehow they always manage to keep going - the show muct go on.

Anne Brooke said...

All these wonderful sexy men - they're so talented!!

And you're right - it was wonderfully British!


Anonymous said...

He broke his leg! I feel guilty for not finding out until now, what's the point in being someone's biggest fan if you don't even bother to find out when they've broken their leg!? I am full of shame.

PS I'm Amy, found your blog while trying to find out more about NLP's leg. He is wonderful I am so in love with him.

Anne Brooke said...

Hello, Amy!! Don't panic - I don't think he actually did break his leg (it's just a weird acting phrase) - I think he just twisted it. Unless you know more?!?

Hugs galore!