Saturday, December 23, 2006

Day with Mother

Argggghhhhh! Gulp. No, actually, it wasn't that bad in the end. Even though I was very twitchy about it, and kept waking up last night and panicking, thinking: is it over yet? Err, no. Is this just me being a heartless daughter, or do all mother/daughter relationships have that frisson of fear? Hmm, don't answer that. I just find it exceptionally hard to be nice all day when I'm with her. Not that she's a scary woman. She isn't. Well, not really - although Lord H and I do call her The Poison Poppet (she can't be more that 4 foot 2. Ok, maybe that is a slight exaggeration ...) for her amazing manipulation skills. I, of course, never manipulate. Not more than 60% of the day anyway.

So I attempted to be a Good Daughter, but that lasted all of 5 minutes before I started sounding off and arguing about something or other. And then I get involved, and I don't really want to tell her all my stuff - none of it! She wouldn't understand, and then it would be seriously awkward. The two plus points about Mother and Me are: (a) we have the same sense of humour; and (b) we both agree that we could never live in the same house again without killing each other and 4 visits a year is the limit of our endurance abilities. Hell, so maybe I am a chip off the old block after all? (apart from the significant height difference: mother, where are you? Ah that must be you at my knee level again ...) - don't tell me that!!!

So, nice (so nice!) to be at home this evening watching "Strictly Come Dancing". What the bloody hell am I going to do now this is the last one? My Saturday nights will be empty and sad for sure.

Oh, and I've just finished trawling my way through the latest edition of "Poetry Review". There were one or two poems I liked, but as usual the rest of it passed me by. I'm beginning to feel about poetry the way I feel about clothes shopping: surely there must be something that suits me out there, but fuck me if I can find it. One day, I swear, I will start a clothes & poetry shop that caters for the normal-sized woman and normal reader. You heard it here first.

Today's nice things:

1. Coming home from Mother's (hell, she'd say the same)
2. An evening of dance TV.

Anne Brooke

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