Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Collation city and Scalectrix mysteries

A day spent collating mounds of paper into smaller mounds, stapling them into even smaller bundles and then paper-clipping them back into larger ones. Ooh, and then redoing it because two of the appendices were wrong. Groan. Actually though, I had a great time! – which just shows in truth how sad I am. I really enjoy doing mindless tasks with paper – much better than grappling with over-my-head strategy or PR stuff. I still hanker after the deep, deep joys of the typing pool …

I had a wind-swept but exhilarating stroll round campus at lunchtime, and sat by the smaller lake for ten minutes watching the coots and the University water feature. Must be nice to be a lake – very calming.

Back in the office, Carol and I hand-delivered the documents we’d spent the morning producing. You can’t trust the internal mail, you know - it’s a dark and dangerous vacuum. Paper delivery involved being loud and raucous in the V-C’s corridor, but hell they must be used to us by now. I never was particularly good at lowering my gaze at the sight of a Professor. Or two. Good job I’m not an academic then, eh?...

This evening, I’m hoping to slump like a 1950s housewife in front of Oz & James’ Wine Adventure, and the increasingly obscure delights of Torchwood. Which begs the question: just what were Ianto and Captain Jack going to do in the office last week with a stop-watch after the hours of daylight and with all those pseudo-significant gazes? Hmm. Doesn’t sound like much fun to me, guv’nor! Lord H’s theory is that the good Captain has a couple of Scalectrix tracks under the table and they were going to play racing demons. Then again, Lord H has always held to the more innocent-hearted view of life! But, heck, somebody has to.

Today’s nice things:

1. Collating paper
2. Watching the lake
3. TV.

Anne Brooke

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