Thursday, December 28, 2006

Godalming sales - and writing

Ah, what a relief - the Godalming sales do exist (unlike the Guildford ones) and are much more user friendly. The benefits of small-town life finally come into their own. I even managed to spend the Christmas money from mother - half on books and half on 2 sets of earrings, one of which I am wearing right now. Which means I have at last broken my earring crisis (the one where I coudn't be arsed to change them from my gold hoop fall-backs) - cheers all round, eh? I also bought a bag of crystallised ginger from the health shop - which Lord H and I have discovered means two seconds of pleasure, five minutes of fiery regret, and then a good end moment. I suggested this might be fairly similar to being married to me, but he had the wisdom to remain silent on this point. The eyebrows did move upward a fraction though ...

I've also taken an armload of holiday brochures in the hope that Lord H and I will find somewhere we can go which we both agree on next year. We've decided to ignore the usual independent stuff we do and go for the managed trips with personal slaves etc etc (aka tour operators) - so middle age and fear of the unknown has at last arrived. Obviously.

Once home, Lord H was still doing his morning's work at the office today sorting out the finances, so I took the opportunity to do another 500 words of "The Gifting". Bloody hell, I can still write. Shame I don't seem to have many ideas at the moment however. Still, I always tend to wing it as I type (as you've no doubt gathered), so I'm hoping inspiration will arrive on screen as the bottom of the page approaches. It's worked so far ... I hope.

And talking of ideas, the marvellous Sue Haywood ( has come up with an ace set of ideas for marketing "Pink Champagne and Apple Juice". I was totally amazed by it all, and hope we can together thrash out some kind of realistic plan. You heard it here first - so watch this space ... Many thanks again, Sue. And buy a copy of the novel too, while stocks last - tee hee!

Oh, and I've just finished Jonathan Kellerman's "Rage" - another Alex Delaware mystery. It's not rocket science but, by gum, it's a bloody good read. As reliable as rock.

Tonight, it's TV catch-up night, and maybe some more writing - we'll see. I'm not going to do too much this week - hell, it is a holiday after all.

Today's nice things:

1. Sue's grand plan
2. Buying loads more books
3. Writing.

Anne Brooke


Anonymous said...

Hey Anne

Thanks for calling me marvellous, it's a rarity and an honour. :-)

I have to say thank you back as well, since you posted the review on the various sites I've had quite a few visitors to

So all this linking my husband has been telling me to do, does work!

Here's to a brilliant 2007.

Sue x x

Cathy said...

Hi Anne - I've found you! Not sure whether to read the blog backwards from here or start at the beginning, but either way I think it will keep me amused.

Kellerman's a good easy read isn't he? I've read lots of his, though not recently.


Anne Brooke said...

Ooh, hi there, Sue & Cathy - thanks for the comments! Hey, and linking works - great! No idea why you're not called marvellous more often, Sue - get that husband of yours sorted!

And, Cathy, I think backwards is best myself! And Kellerman's great - though I'm not keen on Faye (his wife, I think?)

Love to you both


Irene Black said...

Good on you, Anne, for managing some more on The Gifting. The way your ideas keep coming fills me with admiration - though not, alas, with ideas. Agog to hear about Champers marketing plan.'Twill take the world by storm, for sure!

Anne Brooke said...

Not ideas, Irene - just words, I'm afraid!!