Tuesday, December 12, 2006

UniSWriters, Goldenford and questions of insanity

A strange day today: nothing much happened but I got more and more hyperactive. This afternoon I was really on edge – I suspect it’s the fear of my rather too sociable weekend coming up, and I’m now neck-deep in the fight-or-flight scenario. Heck, and it’s only Tuesday. Maybe it’s time for another calming pill?... And last weekend was just so wonderfully hermit-like or simply filled with good one-to-one conversations too. I’m going to have to learn to spread multi-type social engagements around so they don’t all come at once if I’m to maintain any sort of sanity. Or cancel Christmas. One of the two.

Talking of sanity (or not), UniSWriters was very lively today, in spite of the fact that there were only four of us there. 90% of this was due to me being on a manic roll and only 10% of it was due to Jennifer from the Library giggling. Still, in spite of all the obstacles, we managed to get some writing done and talk about current projects, which was good. I did wonder however if, in the knowledge that two of our writers are psychologists, I should have been talking about hearing my characters speak and having conversations with them. Hmm. Sometimes though the group works even when their quasi-leader is hitting the walls and rebounding. Thank God. By the way, I’d like to get 90,000 words of “The Gifting” done by the end of the year, but I’m not hopeful. I gave the group homework too – to write something about what they might like to do in their “dream year”, either for themselves, or as a poem or even from the point of view of one of their characters. If anything comes back, it should be interesting.

This evening, I’m off to do the Goldenford (http://www.goldenford.co.uk/) minutes, so I hope they’re not too onerous. Or I shall be so far up towards the ceiling that I’ll never come down. It will be good to discuss our next book though, which will be Jay Margrave’s “The Gawain Quest” – a humdinger of an historical fantasy and an all-round great read. Buy early, buy often, people! I’d like to have a definite publication date for that one decided upon at the meeting, but we’ll have to wait and see. Time to get our publication act together, Goldenford gals, I think …

Today’s nice things:

1. UniSWriters
2. Goldenford stuff
3. Talking about writing.

Anne Brooke

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