Friday, December 22, 2006

Fog and scribbling

Or rather tapping. Another freezing fog-bound day in Godalming today. I wonder if the rest of the country is actually basking in glorious sunshine, and it's only Surrey which is lying under the misty curse? Reminds me of the start of one of those old Doctor Who episodes - possibly the one where the Cybermen first clump up out of the ocean. No sea here though. The Surrey matrons wouldn't allow it - Surrey's too rich for sea-water.

Anyway, I'm burbling. Have spent the day tapping like a madwoman on the computer and produced another 1000 words of "The Gifting". Hurrah! My day would have been different if Marian and I had been brave enough to play golf, but neither of us wanted to be snatched away by the fog demons and, besides, we were worried about losing our balls in the mist. Not that either of us can send the ball that far, but you never know ... Frankly, I was glad of the chance to stay in and nap. Which is what I did, after my 1000 words were done. Goodness, I am so becoming like my grandmother. Soon I shall be knitting and shouting at the TV phrases like "Don't I know him?" and "Didn't he use to be in Coronation Street?" Oh, I forgot. I already do this. But not in a northern accent.

In the midst of all this, I'm been doing some more reading of Tim Cantopher's book on depression - today's chapter was how to cope with recovery. Apparently it's all right to leave a task halfway through if you get tired. My goodness, how I need to learn that. I get extremely twitchy if I don't finish stuff, and start compulsively checking plugs and things - or is that just part of being female??

Tonight I will clean for Christmas, I think. Why do I always have to do that, by the way? After all, God willing, there will be a time after The Big Day when all the cleaning (damn it) can be done, and we (thank the Lord) don't have visitors, so why bother anyway? Hmm, once again, maybe that's something they embed into you when they hand you the womb gene at conception. As I don't think men ever have the urge to get out the Mr Sheen - though I'm happy to be proved wrong, of course. I might even leave it halfway through - you never know (oh Lord, I'm getting twitchy at the mere thought!...).

I'm also going to be glued to the "Strictly Come Dancing" update - an hour's special this evening - how my cup runneth over indeed! And later, there's always "QI" with the adorably marvellous Stephen Fry. Goodness me, that rhymes - there's hope for me yet.

Today's nice things:

1. Tapping away at the novel
2. Not going out
3. TV.

Anne Brooke

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