Monday, October 02, 2006

Writing admin

A long and depressing work day today - I felt shattered throughout. The good news though is that my colleague Ruth's husband, Douglas, isn't seriously ill with his current chest infection, and it's nothing more sinister - hurrah! No, double hurrahs. All round. We celebrated with left-over meeting cake in the afternoon, which was much needed by then.

Spent the lunchtime stewarding in the University gallery - some of the paintings were glorious. I particularly liked the one of Wiltshire poppies - stunning, though you probably needed to stand further away from it than you were allowed to in order to appreciate it fully.

A quick-fire turnround this evening as Lord H had to leave at 7pm to get to his Theology course. So I've been busy doing writing admin - including chasing up Arcadia Books (a recommendation from Maggie Hamand of Maia Press) to see if they'd like a closer look at "Maloney's Law". Please God let them say yes! That would be soooo unbelievable ... I'm also doing last minute chasing of Flame Books ( as Nell (my marvellous cover artist for "A Dangerous Man") is away on holiday from Friday, and the both of us are desperate to get any hitches ironed out before she goes away. Dear God, let that be okay too ...

I also received a very positive comment on "The Gifting" from the Writewords ( site, which has given me a much needed boost - thanks, Tony!

Today's nice things:

1. Coming home from work
2. The Writewords comment
3. Douglas isn't ill! Thank you, God ...

Anne Brooke

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