Friday, October 13, 2006

Day of Sickness

A hell of a night last night - a catarrh-filled cold suddenly came upon me (cried the Lady of Shalott) and I spent most of the night in the living room - it's warmer, and my sinuses can't stand the cold in the bedroom ... Some of the time I slept on the sofa, but not much. So it was a very lazy morning, and I finally really surfaced somewhere around midday. Feeling like crap. Tired crap too.

Did a few more words to "The Gifting" - which was really all I was good for, and had another long nap. Lord H and I were supposed to be going out to a play in Guildford tonight, but have decided not to bother. I'll see how I feel in the morning tomorrow before worrying about what to do as regards golf. And, apparently, the artist (Michael Strang) currently exhibiting at the University gallery likes the poem I did about one of his paintings, so that's made me feel better. Hell, in this business, ego is all.

Oh, and last night's "Characters in Conflict" Goldenford ( evening was very good, even though not many people turned up. Those that did seemed to enjoy it, and left smiling at the end. Didn't buy any of our books though, dammit.

Today's nice things:

1. Writing (a little)
2. Michael Strang's comments about my art poem
3. Getting some sleep!!

Anne Brooke

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