Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Stewarding and Kinesiology

Managed to get all my report proof-reading done today apart from the appendices. Quite a good flow to the day as well, which was nice. Stewarded in the art gallery at lunchtime - finished my book and wrote a poem about one of the pictures whilst there. Jo, who runs the gallery, said she'd put it on display and thought the artist might like to see it. Quite a positive feeling, all in all!

This evening, I had another kinesiology (http://www.kinesiology4health.com) appointment with Jane - we've decided to look at Vitamin E tablets and Epsom Salt baths for going through the winter - my grandmother would have been proud!

As mentioned above, I've just finished Andrew Taylor's "The Barred Window" - a slow-burn psychological thriller, which is something of a page turner and which I rather enjoyed, though it's not a patch on the "Requiem for an Angel" trilogy or "The American Boy". And I had worked out who the murderer was by the end - but the journey there was still very worthwhile.

Today's nice things:

1. The poem in the gallery
2. Andrew Taylor's book

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