Thursday, October 19, 2006

Doctors and wasps

Had my usual check-up with the doctor today. He asked how I was, so I told him - briefly - about the last few months - including feeling depressed, trying to cut down on busy-ness, the current problems of church and God, and the counselling etc. He's a good listener (as well as being a fellow Christian, though I try not to hold that against him ...) and it felt nice to be able to be honest about the whole damn thing for once. He was really sweet about it all - and the result is he's renewed one of my prescriptions, given me another for a Vitamin B complex, printed out some information on anxiety and depression for me, and suggested contacts for my planned ongoing counselling arrangements. At the end, we prayed together - which was unexpected and not normally something I feel that comfortable doing (hey, praying is really personal so back off, people!...) but it actually felt all right this time. Thank you, Dr J. Anyway, I've got another appointment in a month's time, so I'll see how things are then.

Back at home, I got on with having a go with "The Gifting" again - something of a struggle to get into it, but I expected that as I haven't written anything for a week, what with being ill. It took a while, but I've done another thousand words, and am facing a key scene now - so at least it's something to get my teeth into.

Oh, and David Caldo from Writers Promote ( has written to Harper Perennial Press mentioning a couple of very worthwhile self-published books they might like to consider (as they're in the market for this, apparently) - one of which is "Pink Champagne and Apple Juice". A thousand blessings on you indeed, David - that's really cheered me up!

Tonight I was supposed to go to the Book Festival ( poetry evening, but I don't much feel like it, to be honest. I think I'm better off staying in and watching TV. Sounds like a plan!... Right now though, I'm stuck in the spare room, as there's a wasp in the hall. I've sprayed, but I'm way too terrified to venture out. Bloody hell, how I hate the evil little beasts! We've been suffering from a spate of them over the last couple of days and I am very, very twitchy. Lord only knows where they're coming from, but I wish they'd ruddy well stay put. Anyway, I've emailed Lord H and told him not to go shopping after work, but to come home instead to rescue the fair maid from the dragon. He's promised a speedy arrival - and has also just rung to confirm this, but I can't answer the phone as it's - yes, you've guessed it - in the ruddy hallway!! Ah well.

Today's nice things:

1. The doctor's appointment
2. Writing
3. David's letter to Harper Perennial.

Anne Brooke

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