Saturday, October 21, 2006

Poetry breakfast & Goldenford "win"

Attended today's Poetry Breakfast (part of the Book Festival - at the Abbots Hospital in Guildford - marvellous building and a wonderful occasion too. Heard some great poetry, and my input of "Ivy Tree with Robin 2006: M.J. Strang" went down well. Hey it's lovely to have good feedback! And, as an added bonus, one of the people there read a poem from Esme Ashford's "On the Edge", which was of course the first book Goldenford ( produced - such a delight to see it appreciated and out in public! I mentioned I was one of the directors and said how good it was that the lady reading had bought a copy - afterwards she came up and chatted with me. Apparently she's the wife of the former Mayor of Guildford who attended the "On the Edge" launch in 2004, and still loves the book. Now, that's the sort of news publishers like to hear! The lady sitting next to me also joined in the conversation, the upshot being that Lynn (the lady in the next chair) is going to look at the Goldenford website to see the sorts of books we have on offer. Result! Occasionally, even I can do PR ...

Back home, I did some more to "The Gifting" - I'm very much into the scene I'm working on now, and am enjoying it. Hey, writing is fun (though publishing of course is hell ...)! Then a double bill of Star Trek, and I'm videoing "Monk" for later, as Lord H is on a Diocesan course today and he won't want to miss it (the TV, that is - the course sounds like an exercise in dullness, even to him ...).

Tonight, I'm planning a lazy evening, and will be glued to the glorious "Strictly Come Dancing". Mark (Mr Sexy Smile) and Karen get my vote!

Today's nice things:

1. The Poetry Breakfast
2. Writing
3. TV.

Anne Brooke

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