Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The further annals of the sick

Hey, two days of feeling rotten - lucky me!

Monday 16 October: Went to work. Damn fool - most definitely shouldn't have, or I should at least have come home in the afternoon after minuting the Student Mental Wellbeing Group. Will I never learn??!!! During the evening, the nasty sinuses thing really came on apace (as it were, Carruthers ...). Lord H reminded me that I had exactly the same attack last year post-New York and during the first week of the Guildford Book Festival (http://www.guildfordbookfestival.co.uk), which this is. Damn and double damn. So I was up all night, finally being able to sleep at about 5am this (Tuesday) morning. Mind you, I tried the castor oil packing on the chest and throat thing that my kinesiologist (http://www.kinesiology4health.com) recommended, and it did improve things greatly - but not enough to be able to lie down to sleep without feeling sick, sadly. Still, it was better - and I'm grateful. I shall definitely be doing that again during my next bout ...

Tuesday 17 October: Still feel weak (though on the mend), so took the precaution of having a day off work today. It means missing my Indian Head Massage with Emily, darn it, but there it is. I will have to reschedule. I'll also be missing the Guildford Writers (http://www.guildfordwriters.net) Success Stories evening at the Book Festival, but it's safer to stay at home, and I hope - please God! - that I'll be better by the time of the Goldenford (http://www.goldenford.co.uk) Crossing the Genre event next Monday. Spent a large part of the day asleep. Hurrah.

Finished the first of my Booker Prize shortlist - Sarah Waters' "The Night Watch" - during the night, appropriately enough. Frankly, m'dear, I didn't give a damn. Most definitely NOT her best. Dull, dull and ... err ... dull. It needed to be cut by about a third and, really, I didn't believe in the very incestuous lesbian circle (surely there had to be other lesbians out there in post-war London!!?), and the affair with a married man and the abortion were frankly just cliche. Wasn't Bette Davis in the film during the 50s??? A shame, as I usually enjoy Waters' stuff, but this isn't worth it.

Some nice things:

1. Um, feeling better? Sort of ...
2. Getting a little bit of sleep.

Anne Brooke

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