Thursday, March 23, 2006

Student Experience Group

Not too bad a day. On a personal level, there's a lot to think about, so my mind kept wandering. It feels as if I've embarked on a long journey, and I'm not quite sure what the shore on the other side might look like. If that's not too dramatic. Heck, I'm dramatic. Live with it. Maybe it just is what it is.

Anyway, the morning Student Experience Group provided a welcome diversion, and wasn't too bad to take minutes for either. I've even managed to get the first draft of them done by the end of the day, though I won't proofread them till Monday, when I'm next in. Had a lovely, peaceful walk round campus at lunchtime - good to see at least one or two daffodils out now, although most are still at the green stalk stage.

This evening, Lord H and I are at the theatre to see "O Go My Man" - apparently it's an acronym for monogamy, and is very rude indeed, so that's cheered us all up. The matrons of Guildford will be pleased.

No writing joys leapt onto my plate today. And no-one has commented on my story, "A Serious Business", on the Writewords ( site yet. Still, maybe it's just early days. And I am way too needy. Sigh.

Anne Brooke

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