Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Kinesiology and counselling

Truly a day for me. Had my second session of kinesiology ( in the morning, which was very helpful. I'm doing well on the nutritional side of things, so should carry on as I've been doing for the last month. We also looked at my energy levels and the therapist assessed my greatest need at the moment as being in the realm of emotions. That makes sense. A good job I'm doing these counselling sessions then. It all seems to be working together right now.

In the afternoon, I did another 1000 words of "The Gifting". Now I've got Simon into the mountain regions, I'm not entirely sure what to do with him. Maybe it's the journey and the struggle which count. I'll simply have to keep writing it through until I get to the "crunch zone". I'll know when it happens. And I can always cut later. He's having issues about his mother, which I think relates back to my own with my father. It's certainly proving interesting to write.

Managed a short nap before my 5pm counselling session at the university. This time I felt more "together" and, although I said a lot and went deeper into some of the things I'd already brought up, when I left I somehow felt cleansed. Yes, that is the word. And of course very tired, but that comes with the territory. I'm going to have to factor the tiredness in. Whatever happens, it's worth doing.

Oh, and I'm starting a cold. Great. Hope it doesn't go to the extremes of poor Lord H's cold earlier in the month. That was a whole two weeks.

A quiet evening. Hell, I deserve it.

Anne Brooke

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