Wednesday, March 22, 2006

First counselling session

Here's a new thing for me. Had my first counselling session today with one of the staff counsellors. I've taken some sessions of spiritual direction in the dim and distant past, but I think I'll be happier - or at least freer to express myself - now without the religious trappings. I said more - and different - things than I thought I would, but I think it was good, if exhausting. Feel as I've been squeezed dry tonight. It's liberating to have a safe environment to talk though, without the fear of how the other person will react or what it will mean for any relationship. I wasn't sure on the way home whether I'd tell Lord H or not, but in the end I did and he was fine about it. I'm going to have six sessions, with the possibility of more, depending how things are at the end of that. Goodness, by summer, I'll be a new woman. Or, at the very least, I'll have had one delivered.

Managed to catch up nicely with work the rest of the day and am fairly up-to-date now. At home, made a few changes to my sf story, "Creative Accountancy for Beginners", and then emailed it to our two Guildford Writers ( resident sf experts, neither of whom were able to be at last night's meeting, for any comments they might give. Incidentally, people last night seemed to enjoy the story very much, which was a relief. As I was telling a work colleague today, each time you read anything out, no matter how experienced you are or how familiar the audience, it's as if you're walking a plank stretching out from a ship over an uncertain sea. And the plank's got woodworm. It never changes.

Tonight, it's slob-out night. I'll watch the second part of the psychological drama, "The Best Man". Am desperate to see how it ends. Suspect there'll be tears.

Anne Brooke

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