Thursday, March 16, 2006

Baking Flapjacks

Wrote another 1000 words of "The Gifting" - Simon's world has a star system which is very different from ours and which I'm just discovering. People are born under certain symbols in the skies and sometimes take on those characteristics - much like our astrology. It's an interesting twist I hadn't expected. Does it negate my increasingly fragile (please don't tell the vicar - I couldn't stand the prayers ...) Anglicanism? Hmm, very possibly, but, hey, it's fiction, and that's what Simon's world does. I just have to go with it - and have fun on the way.

Took a break in the middle of the day to watch my video of Matthew Bourne's male "Swan Lake." Marvellous stuff. All that longing and gay angst - it's an inspiration indeed. After this, I made some flapjacks for the weekend - with black treacle - but I suspect I may have got confused with the recipe. Oh well, I'll have to see how they turn out. I can always call them pudding and add ice cream if necessary. I'm sure Lord H won't complain.

Tonight it's off to Guildford to see "Present Laughter" with Simon Callow. I'm sure it'll be great as long as he doesn't take his kit off. Last time I saw him in a play, he seemed to spend the first half of it almost naked for no apparent reason. I'm not sure Simon has the best physique these days to play that kind of role, to be honest - but, then again, nobody's perfect. Least of all me. The play was so soul-destroyingly dull we left at half-time. I hope tonight is better.

Am feeling low today due to severe lack of publisher news - of any kind, though the positive is to be hoped-for - and everyone else's successes - damn it. Am consumed with hatred and pen envy. Hell, sometimes that's the only thing keeping me going. So much for love and peace for all, eh?

Anne Brooke

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