Sunday, March 26, 2006

Lent 4: the AGM

Church today was dull, but at least it was more bearable than last week. Our new churchwarden kindly asked me how things were going, so I told her, as honestly as possible. She was very supportive, which was nice. Also much needed. Our Annual General Meeting followed, but not much to say about that. Nothing we didn't know about anyway.

Afterwards, Lord H and I visited Clandon Park (National Trust). It's the first day of being open and, my goodness, you can tell. The stewards were terribly keen to tell us all about it, while we were terribly keen to get away. Why do the NT always have to have stewards who want to talk to you? I wish they'd just leave us alone. We like to wander by ourselves. If I need to know anything, I'll ask. Bought some jam, a wonderful lavender stressball and two chocolate mice in the shop, the latter two items being quickly consumed.

Attempted to video "Monk" while we were out, but failed due to not having taken the change in the hour into account. Damn it. Lord H has corrected it for tonight, as I simply have to video "Mayo" whilst watching "Invasion".

As it's Mothers Day, will ring Mum later on, though I always do on a Sunday - hope her flowers have arrived by now. I can be Good Daughter for a while. Am working on an edit of my current Writewords ( story, "A Serious Business", as it's felt not to be deep/serious enough. Too much dialogue, apparently. Will have to squeeze in some more narrative. Still, they seem to like my poem, "Still Life by Jo Baker", so it's not all bad news.

And this week's haiku is:

I unpeel my skin
and let the dark layers breathe:
a cold mountain top.

Anne Brooke

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