Monday, March 20, 2006

Competition entries

A friend of mine from my old job, Jane, visited for morning coffee and home-made flapjacks today. Good to catch up as we don't seem to have seen each other for a while. I was praising my kinesiologist ( to the skies, as she asked what all the new stuff in my kitchen was for, so I told her. She stopped laughing when she saw I was serious, and even seemed quite interested.

Also sent off my monthly writing competition entries today - or rather I sorted them out and will actually post them tomorrow. I find it easier to stockpile competitions and do them all once a month. That way I can keep tabs on how I'm doing and it saves running around doing them all the time in a bitty way. Not my favourite writing task in the world, but I have to keep trying to get my name out there somehow. It's a long, slow haul. Also decided to add the You Write On site ( to the links page on my own site, as it does seem pretty good.

Visited Gladys from church in the afternoon - she was much livelier today - and then food shopping. What a lot I can pack in to my day in lieu if I try! Lord H will be late back tonight, as he has to hold an interview at 6pm, so will try to get a few words more done on "The Gifting", and then an evening's TV viewing. Bliss.

Anne Brooke

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