Sunday, March 05, 2006

London Book Fair

A day with Jennifer (CEO of Goldenford Publishers - at the London Book Fair. Lord H nobly did my church/sacristan stuff, and had great fun as today the service was held at the pub (the church boiler is broken and the church is therefore too cold for human existence). Back at the fair, we made some interesting contacts - a marketing/ideas man linked to Antony Rowe, our printer, ( who seemed quite taken with what we were trying to do, and came up with some good suggestions, such as the need for professional marketing literature (brochures, flyers etc). He also suggested contacting other publishers (such as non-fiction ones) to see if their sales reps could include our lists in their sales schedules. Sounds a good plan - if we can make it work.

We also talked to a company selling novels through vending machines at airports/hospitals etc (, and another who had a complete booksellers/publishers online accounting/marketing package. Not cheap and therefore not for now, but certainly something to think about for the future.

Jennifer drove up and it was good to talk about Goldenford and also our own current writing projects in depth. Certainly crystallises the thought processes. A worthwhile trip all round.

Back home (hurrah!) in time for "Star Trek", and later on there's "Invasion" and "Midsomer Murders". The perfect Sunday. And Lord H is baking bread - to go with my cake of yesterday, I assume!

Today's haiku is:

Your light words lightly
said tear my heart to pieces.
Smiling, I blink. Bleed.

Anne Brooke

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