Friday, July 24, 2009

A quiet day, ashes and a spot of stretching

A rather nice and calm day today (well, goodness me indeed) and I've rather enjoyed the feeling of relaxation, I must say. Not the sort of feeling I often have, being usually so wound-up that I could probably launch a catapult halfway across the country and not notice the effort. Ah well.

Anyway, here's today's meditation:

Meditation 180

Everyone knows
the great miracle
of Moses

as the Red Sea parts
to let God’s people
go through

but no-one remembers
that years later
at the Jordan

Joshua did it again.
Which is, I suppose,
the drawback

of being always
the archetypal
number two.

I was supposed to do golf this morning with Marian but, my dears, the rain! What a lot of weather we're having at the moment, as Lord H would say. An awful lot of weather really. In fact I think two storms might have passed over, unless it was the same one coming back. It was hard to tell. So instead of golf, I've been doing more editing to Hallsfoot's Battle. Astonishing really how frequently I've managed to get the exact number of the Tregannon emeralds wrong. First there are seven, then there are nine, and now there are four - though, to be fair, Ralph did have to use some up when dealing with the mountain dogs. I'm attempting to rationalise them so we end up with roughly seven, but really I don't feel entirely in control of their breeding talents. Those pesky emeralds are like rabbits! I might have to make them a fluid number because of their inherent magic, simply because I find it hard to count them. Sigh. Now I know why I married an accountant ...

This afternoon, I've had my back stretched to its actual length once more by the wonderful Linda, so I now feel more like the height I should be, thank the Lord. Honestly, office work and writing are not conducive to good posture, I can tell you. One day I feel I will eventually find that my forehead is in fact fused to the keyboard, never to be parted. Not, however, if Linda has her way of course.

Tonight, we have the horrors of cleaning the flat to face (arrgghh!!). Oh but there is a wonderful half-hour programme on TV at 7.30pm-ish about what different people do with their loved one's ashes. I really must watch it - I've always been fascinated by ashes. As it were. My ultimate (and please God let it not happen soon) wish is for either (a) Lord H to keep my ashes on the mantelpiece and chat to them as he goes about his daily business; or (b) vice versa. Depending on who goes first. For some reason though, Lord H does not seem keen - on either eventuality. Perhaps he was hoping for some peace?... I suspect I'll be watching the programme alone then.

Oh and I absolutely love my car. Miranda is wonderful. She can do amazing things with her dashboard, including telling me what radio station I'm on without me having to look down, advising me how many miles of petrol I have left and letting me know what the temperature is. What a girl! Her talents know no end.

Today's nice things:

1. Poetry
2. Editing Hallsfoot
3. Alexander Technique
4. TV
5. Miranda.

Anne Brooke - thinking about the magic of jewellery


Teresa Stenson said...

I do worry about the effects of sitting at a laptop 3/4 days a week... I know the top of the screen should be in line with my eye level.

It's not.

Get the Yellow Pages?

Should do.

Anne Brooke said...

Ooh, yes it ought to be, Teresa! Make that change now before the worst happens ...



Jilly said...

I'm all for having loved one's ashes made into diamonds - that appeals to both of us!

Anne Brooke said...

I predict a surge for the jewellery business in the offing!!