Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Torchwood Day Two, charity books and sad cars

I’m pleased to say that a signed copy of Maloney’s Law is part of an eBay charity auction to support the American Diabetes Association. This is a cause that’s very important to me, no matter what country it’s in, as a large part of my family suffer from diabetes, and both my father and grandmother died from it. So if you do feel able to bid for the book at all, that would be hugely appreciated, and the link is here. Other books in the auction can be found at Meerzoor2’s entry. And it lasts until 13 July. Many thanks indeed.

Meanwhile, the car’s not too happy. Apparently, it’s not the air con but a variety of problems with the fanbelt and adjuster thingy (no, it’s a mystery to me too …), and the garage won’t have it ready until tomorrow, so it looks like I’m going to have to rely on Lord H’s kindness and more reliable car until that point. Here’s hoping it’s not too expensive a repair though …

Oh and I must say I thought yesterday’s episode of Torchwood was fantastic. Edge-of-the-seat stuff and lots of hugely interesting plot lines. With a totally terrific cliffhanger ending. I loved it. Can’t wait for tonight’s second helping. Bring it on.

At work, I fear I might have to help out with a last-minute presentation to new international foundation students, as there’s nobody else around. Groan … How I hate being involved with presentations – it’s a nightmare. I am terrified beyond all terror of public speaking. I might just hold up our PowerPoint slides, point at the relevant phrase and hope for the best. Anything rather than having to speak. I’ll only be really happy when it’s over. UPDATE: Actually the students were really sweet and there weren’t that many of them which suited me and Ram from Student Advice, no problem. It ended up being very informal and I think we did okay – thanks, Ram! But phew, thank goodness it’s over – I’ll never be a natural.

Was thinking about walking into town at lunchtime to look at clothes, but I feel the urge might have passed. It never stays long. So I had a walk around the campus instead and got utterly drenched by the rain. So much so that I am now attempting to dry my socks out on one of the portable heaters so they’ll be dry enough to go home in. Should have brought my wellies really. I also popped into to the campus art gallery, but can’t say the latest exhibition of etchings did much for me – though I did appreciate how dark, sinister and shadowy they were. Maybe it was because it was focused on scenes from Paris, and I’m afraid I don’t much like Paris. Ah well.

Tonight, I’m taking part in a Pride Month Dreamspinner authors event at Beth Wylde’s Yahoo Group, so I’m looking forward to chatting about The Bones of Summer and various GLBT fiction matters. Thanks so much for inviting us, Beth!

And later of course there’s Torchwood Day Two – can’t forget that!

Today’s nice things:

1. Helping support a diabetes charity
2. Torchwood
3. Surviving a presentation (phew!)
4. Pride Month Dreamspinner book event.

Anne Brooke - doing her bit for diabetes support


Jilly said...

I hope your car is soon feeling better and doesn't cost too much to repair, Anne.

Anne Brooke said...

Thanks, Jilly!