Monday, July 20, 2009

Feet, books and paper

Here’s today’s meditation. We’re at the start of the Book of Joshua now, so it’s all change:

Meditation 177

After the death,
a list of actions

to take: welcome

But, most of all,
a sense

of unfulfilment,

the need to write

across the emptiness
for the man

you’ve lost,
for the man

you must become.

My UK Amazon copies of The Bones of Summer have finally turned up so I’ve given one to Ruth at work and one to Steph in the Health Centre. I hope they enjoy the read. Steph tells me she now has her mother reading my books (thanks, Steph!) so I am slowly widening my reader base. As they say.

At work, I was straight in at the deep end with three hours (three hours - nightmare!!) of back-to-back meetings from 9.30am. Really, it’s not the best way to start a Monday. First off we had the rescheduled Steering Group, which is usually done over lunch so that was confusing enough in itself. After that, we had a new group which is looking at joining up all the campaigns we have so we all know what’s going on at any one time. Which makes sense. But I am now surrounded by paper and have to make something logical out of it all before my brain implodes. That could be soon …

Still, I managed to have a wonderful reflexology session over the lunch hour so I now feel more centred, hurrah. Or at least my feet do. Tonight, I’m at the University book group discussing Rose Tremain’s The Road Home. A book I enjoyed so it should be a good session.

And, back home, I discover that the birthday card I posted to a friend last week has been delivered to me as the Post Office have franked it on the wrong side and seem to have assumed that the address on the back of the envelope (ie my address) is the one they actually need. Eh?!? The address on the front is perfectly clear - why on earth couldn't they use it?... Still, I will attempt to put it in the post again tomorrow, and see what happens, deep deep sigh. Good job I posted it early then.

Today’s nice things:

1. Poetry
2. Delivering copies of The Bones of Summer
3. Reflexology
4. Book group.

Anne Brooke - bamboozled by post


Jilly said...

I've not had that happen with a letter/card but I have had it happen with post cards where for some reason I've had to put my own address on the card as well. I usually put my address on the back as just my post code, initials and the house number so they're less likely to mistake it for the delivery address. It's enough to get anything undelivered returned to you.

Anne Brooke said...

I know! I'm trying again today - wish me luck