Thursday, July 30, 2009

Relaxation, readers and battles

Just had time to fit in a poem before rushing into town this morning, so here it is:

Meditation 186

He speaks in riddles,
puzzles, running phrases
of words whose notes

remind you of beauty
but whose sense cannot
reach you, bewildered

seeker of truth. When
every explanation
imprisons you in the wrong,

leaves you waiting,
ravaged, questioning,
lengthening the song.

But my day really started with a fabulous Clarins massage from Alice in Guildford - honestly I could have lain there all morning. Why can't all days start like that? Soooo relaxing. It set me up for this afternoon when I've been editing the battle scene in Hallsfoot's Battle. Never say I don't live a life of contrasts, eh. But at least I'm not actually fighting. And the edit has gone rather better than expected - I'm about halfway through that 50 page scene now. Yes, I know - 50 pages of fighting! My only excuse is that there's a lot going on and a lot of viewpoints to consider. Including that pesky raven - whose speech patterns are now most definitely off the wall, I have to say. Birds don't really like war. It upsets the colour of the air, you know.

I've also just finished Bernhard Schlink's The Reader on my Coolreader. What an amazing book - I can thoroughly recommend it. Literary and accessible at the same time. With a powerful punch. And really what an astonishing story. The only thing I'd say was that the trial scenes did drag just a bit but the ending more than made up for it. I've been thinking about it on and off all day. I'm glad I haven't watched the film - a fact which must make me the only person left in the whole world, I think, who didn't know the story at all. Shame on me then.

Later this afternoon, I'm off to the last of the Rectory Bible studies before we break for the summer. Not that I've been to that many, as Thursday evening is theatre night if anything's on, but I like to go when I can. I think we're finishing off the First Letter of Peter tonight. Hey, at least I'll know how it ends then.

And I must try and watch New Tricks later on TV, as I've managed to miss both of the previous two episodes due to general busyness and lack of commitment to the i-player. Plus there's Kate Humble's family history to catch up on. Don't tell me what happens!

Today's nice things:

1. Poetry
2. Clarins massage
3. Editing Hallsfoot
4. Books
5. Bible study
6. TV.

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Anonymous said...

Todays meditation really moved me Anne and I can relate to it in my life at the moment. You are going up and down and all around with your work and if ever there was a going concern who inspires me, it's you! hugs

Anne Brooke said...

So glad you liked it, Val! And it's lovely to have you back in the virtual world too, btw. Have a fabulous day!