Thursday, July 02, 2009

Brokeback, massages and God

Now there's a title that you don't really want coming up on your A Level Philosophy paper with the command to "Discuss". Scary biscuits indeed. Anyway, getting God out of the way first (sort of), here's today's meditation:

Meditation 162

Remember the past
with baskets of wheat,
corn, barley, garlic,

figs, grapes,
Let them rest

on the altar
where God remembers also
and walk away

into bright air
and sunlight.

Other literary news is that Is This Reality webzine have accepted my short story, The Way Back, for future publication, so that's nice - thank you, Jade! And I've spent the morning watching the film of Brokeback Mountain and taking notes for my upcoming Vulpes Libris article. It's such a fantastic film. It makes different and very interesting choices from the book of course - which I intend to talk about in my piece in some measure - but that's as it should be as the mediums of literature and film are very different. At one point at the end, I was blubbing so hard I had to take my glasses off. Which doesn't really do my kick-ass Paxman-style image much good, I grant you. And I know what happens too. Really, it's hard to take notes when you can't see the page for the tears, sigh.

This afternoon, I have had a wonderful massage and facial from Alice, the new Clarins girl. At one point, I was so relaxed I think I drifted off to sleep. Bliss. And the big excitement is that Clarins have finally produced a foot cream which goes on the shelves next week and I have a sample of it, ha! How I long for the day when they finally give us Clarins groupies some soap too. Liquid and hard copy (as it were) would be nice.

Tonight, I'm at the Bible Study at the Rectory and continuing our tour of the Book of James. Well, at least I assume that's what we're doing as I've missed a few weeks what with holidays and stuff, so anything could be going on really. I shall take the prettiest of the Bibles in the flat (ah, my dears, we have loads, in all sorts of versions, shapes and sizes, I fear ...) along with me and attempt to look confident. That way, nobody will realise I know nothing. Hell, it's a plan.

I also mustn't forget to listen to today's radio episode of Torchwood, plus Krod Mandoon and that pesky flaming sword of his also beckons. I'm beginning to have a soft spot for that man. Do you think I need help?...

Today's nice things:

1. Poetry
2. Short story acceptance
3. Watching Brokeback Mountain
4. Clarins massage & facial
5. Bible thoughts
6. Torchwood
7. TV.

Anne Brooke - totally chilled out, apart from the weather ...

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