Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Muddling through the day

Well, when do I ever do anything else? Here’s this morning’s rather kick-ass meditation. The aftermath of yesterday, I feel:

Meditation 111

Murder defiles the land.
Still, today, it’s tempting.

I’ve got a list
as long as the Jordan

of people my world
would be better off without.

Making it a sure thing
that if I’d been around

when the Israelites
entered the promised land

I’d have needed a damn sight more
than six cities of refuge

for killers to flee to.

Today, I’ve been keeping my head down at work and attempting to begin writing up one of the sets of minutes I took yesterday. Sometimes, keeping one’s head below the proverbial parapet makes sense … I also added in yet more information to the personal tutors’ handbook. When will it ever end or be ready to print?? A question it is at the moment impossible to answer. I am more than ever convinced that we’ll still be adding new information to it when I’m in my bath chair. Ah well.

Still, I managed to cheer myself up a bit with a walk round campus at lunchtime. Nice to sit by the lake for a while and just chill. I even managed to get my favourite shady bench so didn’t have to do battle with the evil sun, hurrah. Oh and we have a brand-new photocopier/printer in the office which does virtually everything except brush your hair. I love it. I love it so much I think I want to run away with it and have its babies. Don't tell Lord H. The only really really big problem is that its start button glows blue (the photocopier's, not Lord H's ...) and it's just not natural - everyone knows the start button on photocopiers should be green. I keep having to look for it as it simply isn't the right colour, sigh ...

Tonight, there’s absolutely nothing on TV. Bummer. Though at least it means I can get more done to my erotic short story. I’m working on the beginning of it at the moment. Oh though I must say how good Ashes to Ashes was last night – much more exciting and I even warmed to the usually ice-cold Alex. She seemed almost normal this time, though (being picky) I really didn’t like her hair. Lordy, what a bitch I am.

Today’s nice things:

1. Poetry
2. Lying low
3. Lunchtime walks around the lake
4. Fiddling around with the short story (as it were).

Anne Brooke
Anne's website - still looking for the green button


Anonymous said...

Anne, your photo copier is a distant cousin to my new toaster. They share the same blue light gene. LOL You do realize, if you run away with it and have it's babies they will all duplicates. ;)

Your meditation scared me! I must remember not to get on the wrong side of an Essex girl named Anne. :0

Anne Brooke said...

Oh lordy - terrible thought - multiple births!!! But fear not - you are perfectly safe from the Wrath of Anne (do I sense a Star Trek moment coming upon me??)!


Anonymous said...

Oh to be able to sit in the sun. I miss those days back home. Damn cold here. Walk around or freeze. lol

Anne Brooke said...

Poor you - hope you see at least some sun soon ...