Thursday, April 09, 2009

First Edition focus and the Coughing Queen

Goodness me, but I am doing a heck of a lot of coughing. In fact I was coughing so hard last night that I actually woke myself up, then had to get up (lying down seems to be a key trigger ...) and sit upright for a while until I was able to stop. Really, my life is so hugely exciting. Then later, in the bathroom and at a more normal morning hour, I was coughing in such a wonderfully hacky way that I had to close the bathroom window so as not to cause the neighbours any undue concern. It probably sounded like I was dying or being strangled by a particularly determined serial killer, and I didn't really want them ringing the police for no reason. Still, at least I am well enough to enjoy the experience. As it were. And I am spending huge amounts of time being in a different room to my sick bowl and not worrying about it, as I don't seem to need it any more, hurrah. Today I've even had fruit for breakfast and cheese on toast for lunch, which is somehow a wonderful combination of the US and UK cultures. Or possibly continental and UK - who can tell? Not only that, but the thought of chocolate doesn't seem quite as horrifying as it's been for the past week, so it looks like there's hope, Carruthers, hope ...

And I have been deliciously and gloriously lazy - all I've done is read and watch TV and generally droop around in a leisurely fashion, so I am feeling very "Surrey chic" - if indeed such a concept even exists. I might even have a nap later, if I can summon the energy. Though I suspect I'm going to have to think about some kind of cleaning at some point, as nothing got done last week and soon the mess will be demanding its own room and front door key, sigh. In the meantime however, I am being so amazingly lazy that - to coin a phrase - you could probably put a tail on me and call me a sloth.

Ooh, and there's some great interview news! The May edition of First Edition magazine is now available from WH Smith's in the UK and it includes an interview with me - three pages, with pictures (decent ones, people, please ...), no less! Not only that but it contains a world exclusive about the real link between Lord H and my writing life which you may not have realised before and which may well surprise you. Oh and of course my mother is mentioned, but it's no show without Punch, eh ... So it's worth investing in a copy if you can and is also, of course, ideal reading to accompany your Easter chocolate fest, ho ho.

Today's nice things:

1. Getting better
2. Being lazy
3. The magazine interview.

Anne Brooke
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Anonymous said...

Anne, I've got news from Canada. It's unbelievably wonderful and surprising! I FINALLY, received Maloney's Law in the mail! I've begun reading it and it's wonderful. :)

Jilly said...

I've ordered a copy of the magazine - it sounds an interesting read as well as your interview. Wonder why I've never come across it before?

Anne Brooke said...

Well gosh, Val!! He finally made it - he's been busy rowing that very small boat to you, you know! So glad you're enjoying the particular brand of Maloney angst ...

Ooh, and thanks, Jilly - the mag is a good read. They've only just started out and are only on Issue 3, so that probably explains it!

Love to you both