Sunday, April 19, 2009

Faith, sex and nature

Well, get everything in at once is what I say (as it were). This morning, Lord H and I have paid our respects to the Almighty by attending the Low Sunday service (2nd after Easter). What a confusing mix of hymns they had too. Nobody had any idea how to sing the second and none of the congregation were any the wiser even after four verses of the damn thing. One of those Anglican hymns that defies explanation, I fear. Lord H also thought the theology of it might be a tad dodgy too, being vaguely okay about singing "the power of death defying", but adamant that the very phrase "death defying" is utterly wrong. That's the exact opposite, after all, to what Christianity is about, if it's about anything. Me? I just care about the tunes - if the tune is right, hell I'll sing anything. It's the Anglican way, you know ...

I also managed to give my usual gracious refusal to the second request about whether we wanted to join the church's electoral roll or not. This time the request was from the vicar, but he seemed rather more okay about my saying no than the church warden did some weeks ago. He was probably taken by surprise by my response that I'd rather live with the church for a while than marry it, but I think he got my meaning. Indeed he even ended by taking my side in the matter - as when one of the congregation said that if I did join the electoral roll, then I could express my opinions more adequately, he pointed out (with a very endearing smile) that he didn't think expressing my opinions adequately at any point was a particular problem of mine. Ah, irony mixed with charity - how I love it. And, really, he should know - I have been in one of his Bible study groups after all.

And, talking of religion, here's this morning's poem:

Meditation 109

Gods destroyed,
history lost,

a land divided,
and those you leave behind

a thorn in the side,
a splinter in the eye:

paradise comes
at a price

and the one to pay it
is you.

Anyway, I came home and went straight from the Lord's arms into the arms of sin. As it were, and if you're of that mindset. I've spent most of the afternoon tinkering away on my erotic short story, and at least David and Jeff now have their sex scene sorted out, which brings me nicely into the 3,500 words quota. After three years of waiting, both men are very grateful that I've finally written it, I can assure you. I really need at least 5000 words for this one, but I think I'll get to that, as I still have to write the club scene plus the journey to Jeff's flat and the ending. Yes, I know I'm not writing it in order, but I always do my sex scenes first - heck they're the fun part.

So, sex and religion - my two favourite things in one day. What could be nicer?

Well, back to more innocent times (does anyone remember those??), I've been hugely impressed with a journey of nature and song, which I read about yesterday in the paper and which you can find here. It's the account of three men who are currently walking around Britain, singing local folk songs and learning about local customs in whatever area they happen to be in. It's utterly charming and utterly down-to-earth and I love it. You can read about their travels, future plans and learning that they've gleaned from people along the way, and even listen to one of the folk songs - it's fabulous and they're great singers. I've enquired about the CD and will definitely be buying the book as and when it comes out. I can thoroughly recommend visiting the website - it gives you hope, and at a time like this everyone needs hope.

Tonight, there's not much on TV (groan), but I shall watch the double episode of My Family and (if I feel up to it) I shall sit through the probably yawn-inducing Lady's Detective Agency. Thank goodness it's the last episode, say I - as really you've seen one and you've seen them all. Much like the books then, hush my mouth.

This week's haiku is:

We rise in the dark,
herald the morning like monks
enticing the sun.

Today's nice things:

1. Church and some dodgy theology
2. Having opinions, big ones
3. Poetry
4. Sex-writing (ooh-err, missus ...)
5. Three men and a very uplifting journey
6. Haikus.

Anne Brooke
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Lover of Books, Films and Good Coffee Shops Everywhere! said...

Totally agree about tonight's TV - it's the radio and CD's for us I think AND I really wish they hadn't messed with the scheduling of Country file - it suited Sunday mornings in my view.

The website of the three guys and their journey looks fab. I love stuff like this and people that just up sticks and do something totally different are so inspiring. I bet at some point they go a wassailing which I think is a lovely tradition.


Anne Brooke said...

I know - why are they messing with Sunday??? It's sacrosanct! Sigh ...

And glad you liked the Walking website - it's so wonderful!


Caro said...

Wow, thanks for the link to the Walk website - that's the most inspiring thing I've seen for a long time. I will be following their blog.

Oh, and well done resisting the electoral roll... it's the start of the slippery slope towards making after-church coffee, teaching Sunday school, driving old people to the service, being asked to be on the PCC...

Anne Brooke said...

Yes, it's totally inspirational - I love it!

And I've certainly been there, groan, in terms of church admin ...