Thursday, April 30, 2009

Author of the Month

Back to normal prayer time today - though it has to be said that my prayer time is rarely, if ever, normal - so here's today's meditation:

Meditation 118

When you open your eyes
you see houses

filled with good things
you did not buy,

wells you did not dig,
vineyards and olive trees

you did not plant:
all the echo and life

of another displaced people,
another lost nation.

Meanwhile, much to my surprise, the plumber actually came back yesterday and finished the job, hurrah! So I fear I must eat humble pie with cream at my earlier cynicism and despair this week. Still, I should be used to that by now, eh. And it all looks wonderful - ye gods, we even have a working thermostat, which we haven't had for 16 years so I can foresee many fun-filled evenings with me turning it up because I'm cold and Lord H turning it down because he's hot. Marriage is a wonderful thing, you know. Mind you, Lord H does have the advantage over me as he appears to understand how the funny buttony thingy with all the gadgets works, so he has complete power over when the hot water and heating come on and go off. It's all a mystery to me.

For the rest of this morning, I've continued on with the battle scenes of Hallsfoot's Battle and am now at the high levels of the 114,000 word range. Something's about to happen too (well, there's a novelty ...), but who knows what. Perhaps an idea will occur to me tomorrow - who can tell?

This afternoon, I've snoozed and chilled my way through a totally glorious Clarins back massage and facial. Mmm, bliss. There was slight confusion at the start though as they appear to have cancelled my appointment (who knows why), but luckily Hilary was free anyway and glad of something to do, so in the end everything was as if I'd never been unilaterally cancelled at all. In fact it was so blissful that I fell asleep several times - am I now officially entering the Tired Zone of Life?? It's all downhill from here, you know, but hell at least you pick up speed.

Ooh and tonight there are chips for tea, which just make everything worthwhile. I've also made an effort at marketing this week (well, gosh!) so I am now Author of the Month (though possibly not for long as it's May tomorrow!) on the LoveWriting site, and you can also find Maloney's Law and A Dangerous Man there too. With this unexpected breeze behind me, I've added Maloney's Law to the fReado book site and am planning to add A Dangerous Man up there at some point too. I hope it'll spark some kind of interest in the novels, but I'll have to see.

Today's nice things:

1. Poetry
2. A working central heating/hot water system
3. Writing Hallsfoot
4. Clarins massage
5. A marketing push.

Anne Brooke
Anne's website - enjoying a brief flare of fame


Nik Perring said...

You're author of the month every month in my book, m' dear!

And hurrah for the plumber!

N :)

Anne Brooke said...

Tee hee, what a gent you are! And hurrah indeed for the plumber!!