Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Green coats and cappuccinos

A fairly calm day today. Well, phew already. In terms of Bible reading, I’ve got to the end of the Book of Numbers, so here’s my last meditation on that:

Meditation 112

At the end
of all the accounting

it’s evident that women
are allowed to inherit

but must marry
someone else’s choice.

It’s still a long road
until freedom arrives.

At work, I’m onto my second set of minutes and hoping to get the first draft done by the end of today. If my luck is in and the wind is behind me. Ho ho. I’ve also been struggling with the annual agony of trying to work out what my bank holiday entitlement is for the upcoming year as a part-timer. I think this year I don’t owe the University any days and neither do they owe me any, but I’ve sent my first pass at the spreadsheet off to our HR guru and I’ll see what they say … UPDATE - hurrah, I'm right! Well, that's a first then. It can't last.

Popped into town at lunchtime to try to see if there might be any clothes to buy that might just suit me. Answer: astonishingly yes! I was searching for trousers, but instead found a lovely three-quarters length light green spring/summer coat with an off-the-wall lining at Per Una. Bliss. Now all I have to do is wait for the opportunity to wear it – which probably means finding something green to go with it when 99% of my wardrobe is basically navy blue, or black. Or occasionally dark green when it’s almost black. Well, I don’t usually like to be too obvious … And maybe those combinations will do? Who can tell? – I am after all a Fashion Ignoramus. Anyway the coat has certainly given me a little frisson of excitement in my day (as it were). And it means that, according to my usual clothes spending habits, I don’t have to buy anything else until next year, hurrah. Plus the sunshine was lovely and it was a nice walk into town. And this afternoon was the first of my Starbucks decaff cappuccino moments since way before Easter. Double bliss. There’s just something about the foam that makes me so happy.

Tonight there’s something on TV updating us about the building restoration programmes which were on last year. It’s not a great choice really, but it does at least break up the vast desert of TV blankness that’s otherwise on. Mind you, that desert does give me a chance to continue working on my erotic short story, so it’s not all bad news, eh.

Today’s nice things:

1. Poetry
2. A new green coat
3. Starbucks cappuccino
4. Short stories.
5. A slice of TV.

Anne Brooke
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