Friday, April 24, 2009

Chick lit and prayer

The ideal combination, don't you know. Though, actually, I suspect The Vicar of Dibley may well already have gone that route. Anyway, the good news of today is that the Chick Lit Review has accepted my short story, The Driving Force, for future publication, so that's nice. Combined with that (and in honour of the title of this blog), my meditation poem number eleven is now published by Haruah Magazine and can be found here.

Talking of meditation, I'm back to the Bible reading and starting Deuteronomy today, so here this morning's poem:

Meditation 113

The past lies in wait
and its mysteries

are ever before us.
Walk through its country

with care,
separating river from earth,

sky from rock,
truth from dream

until you are left
bathed only in light

and the scent of your journey.

I've also played golf with Marian, and her daughter Jane also came along, so a triple-whammy of golfing gals indeed. None of us played brilliantly, but I wasn't quite as off-form as the other two, so I managed to win, hurrah. Okay, by one point only, but hey who's counting ... It was fun too playing with a mother-daughter team - goodness me, they're competitive when they're together! It made me feel extraordinarily chilled, which is unusual for me on the golf course. I'm usually extraordinarily focused. And, yes, competitive.

I've managed to write another 1000 words of Hallsfoot's Battle and am now happily in the 112,000 range. I've had an idea for the grand finale of the battle too, which took me by surprise. But which makes sense. Not sure how I'm going to get there, as I have a hell of a lot of viewpoints to take into account and I'm also rather worried about Ralph (he's down on the floor, captain, and he dang well won't get up ...). I'll have to raise his game soon. After all, he is the only real soldier in the mix, poor dear. He ought to do at least some decent fighting.

This afternoon, I've been standing and sitting in my Alexander technique lesson. This week's focus is balance and the pelvis. Up until now, the location of my pelvis has been a complete mystery to me, my dears (well, I only did Biology up to O Level), but I think I have a vague inkling as to its whereabouts now. But I still probably couldn't find it with a compass. Mind you, I can't find any ruddy thing with a compass, so that's no surprise.

Tonight, the new series of Have I Got News for You? starts, thank the Lord. That's been a long time returning - what have we done without it? Nothing else on but that though (sigh ...) so I may as well do some cleaning. I really have to tidy the flat as we have people coming for tea on Sunday. People though! Whatever next?...

Today's nice things:

1. A short story acceptance
2. Poetry publication
3. Poetry
4. Golf
5. Hallsfoot battle plans
6. Alexander technique
7. TV.

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