Sunday, June 29, 2008

Websites and yet more Maloney

I had great plans today to go into Godalming to wander around the French market and pop into Waterstone's with my book vouchers - but in the end, I really felt too exhausted to bother. Time of the month, you know, dammit.

Still, at least it's meant I've updated my website with the pleasing news that The Bones of Summer was shortlisted in the Writers' Conference Novel competition. Hurrah! Which is lovely but strange - The Gifting was shortlisted last year (and Donna from Piatkus Press, who judged the competition, also asked to see the start of that one - but so far the agent hasn't yet sent it to her ...) and now it's Bones' turn. And that in the face of the fact that Piatkus publish neither fantasy nor gay crime. Most odd. Still, nice to know I'm reaching a readership that ... um ... doesn't really want me. Heck, in publisher terms, I should be used to that though!

I've also updated the Goldenford site with the latest news items, so do pop in and have a read. You can also admire the wonderful photographs in the News section, as well as the new cover art for the upcoming Luther's Ambassadors. My, we do some shit-hot covers here in the Goldenford world, you know. The contents are pretty hot too.

And I have the latest edit of Maloney's Law to do - that is, the final final edit after my final changes have been added in. It all looks wonderful so far, except that on the Acknowledgements page, I see I can't even spell Guildford. Sigh! So far it's the only thing on my final final edit list though, so here's hoping it stays that way. After that's done, Paul and his story will be off to the printers and all I'm waiting for then is actual publication. Hurrah! Honestly, I can't quite credit it's happening - this stage of the game never actually seems real, though I know that when I'm actually holding a copy of the novel I'll be as emotional as ever. I do think that Maloney is turning out to be my favourite child so far. I care about him most of all.

Oh, and last night's opera was great fun, but not the tour de force I was hoping for, I must say. Not enough sexual tension or pizzazz, to my mind. Which surprised me. So, perfectly enjoyable, but not an opera I'll be rushing to see again, I think. Thank goodness for Dr Who though - which was the best I've ever seen. And included Ianto Jones - what more can you want? But ah (spoiler alert!!!!) - who will be the next doctor now???

Today's nice things:

1. The Bones shortlisting
2. Getting the websites updated
3. The final final Maloney edit.

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Cathy said...

Have you seen Caroline Smailes' blog today? You and ADM get a special mention by Flame...


Anne Brooke said...

Ooh, I saw - thank you for the link! Michael is so proud ...



Jilly said...

Great news about The bOnes of Summer - congratulations Anne!

Anne Brooke said...

Thanks, Jilly!