Friday, June 27, 2008

A lovely day at the fair and the final Maloney

Irene, Jennifer and I have spent most of the day selling Goldenford books at the Annual Writers' Conference today. And what a good time we've had! So far it's proving to be the best Writers' Conference ever, in terms of conversations held with people and even books sold. Well gosh! Amongst the rather respectable sales we've done, I even managed to sell two copies of Thorn in the Flesh and two copies of A Dangerous Man. Hurrah! That's pretty good going for me. I now only have 2 ADM first editions left so will be moving on soon to attempting to sell some of my 2nd edition stock. Double gosh. I almost feel like an author, you know. Hell, it can't last.

Interesting how the more you engage a browsing customer in conversation, then the less they're likely to buy. It's the knack of knowing when to withdraw verbally and leave them with buying space, I suppose. If you talk too long, it just becomes a (usually very interesting) conversation and you lose the roles of tradesperson/customer. Interesting also how people were particularly taken - as they often are these days - with Goldenford being an all-woman company. There's power in the Golden Girls indeed!

Anyway, we packed up for the day at about 6pm and I'm now home for the evening. Thank the Lord. I couldn't have borne the thought of a night out certainly. I'm aiming to concentrate on going through the final proof (gosh! final proofs - whatever next?) of Maloney's Law which turned up from PD Publishing last night. I'm now about to start Chapter 8. The excitement notch is definitely on the up here in the shires. I'm so looking forward to seeing Paul Maloney in print - he's one hell of a hot babe. In my opinion.

Today's nice things:

1. The Writers' Conference fair
2. Going through the final Maloney proofs
3. Selling books.

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Denise said...

Sorry I missed you today at Winchester. I was on a madly over-running mini course, and the one time I stuck my head in the book fair you weren't there! Glad the sales went well. I'm going back tomorrow to talk to the scary agents...

Anne Brooke said...

Sorry to have missed you too, Denise! Yes, Irene was forced to allow me away from the table for a minute or so here and there - or the mess would have been too much!

Good luck for tomorrow - and hope you enjoy the rest of the conference.



Casdok said...

Oooo i like a hot babe!! :)

Anne Brooke said...

Who doesn't, tee hee!! Hope all okay with you & C.

Love & hugs