Monday, June 02, 2008

Back to reality ...

… Sigh. And what a big sigh it is. Was quite tearful last night and this morning at the thought of going back to work. It’s still weighing on my shoulders now really. That’s always the minus side of going on holiday: you have to damn well come back. Groan. Though Lord H did lift the existential gloom a little by making my breakfast napkin into a candle shape, courtesy of our new napkin folding skills. What a hero. I wonder what tomorrow’s shape will be. Still, here at the office coalface first thing this morning, I was so depressed I could barely talk to anyone and only managed a few words beyond a passing grunt at eleven o’clock. I think that’s probably my quota for the day then.

I’m also feeling low as the small US publisher I sent The Gifting to has bounced it back and there’s no sign of any interest from the mainstream publishers John sent it to either. Yes, I know it’s early days to be moaning, but hell when has that ever stopped me? And actually these days they either like it in the first couple of weeks or they don’t. Or so it seems. I am feeling very disheartened about the whole thing really. So I’m not putting any great emphasis on getting more of Hallsfoot’s Battle done – I’ll do it as and when I feel up to it. I’m also planning to backtrack on some of my web commitments – they’re not doing me any good at all. Just creating false hope. And I can well do without that at the moment.

Sorry, I know this is depressing – but I’ve come right down from the total wonderment of being on holiday and am struggling to find some kind of even keel. Maybe the problem is that I (confidently, ho ho) didn’t take my B Vitamin Happy Pills with me to Portugal – I didn’t need them then but I realise now that I should have taken them if only to keep my levels up. I’m determinedly back to 2 shots of the stuff per day for at least this week and am hoping that will help.

Reflexology at lunchtime was much needed too – I drifted off and felt a bit more normal by the time the Blessed Emily had finished with my feet. Lord only knows what I’d do without reflexology – I thoroughly recommend it to everyone.

Tonight, I’m supposed to be getting back into my normal routine of visits etc and had half-planned to see Gladys on my way home – but to be honest I am just so desperate to be at home and stay there that it’ll be amazing if I don’t run someone down in the process. So I’ll leave Good Works till later in the week. My place in Heaven is rapidly diminishing, if in fact it’s still there at all …

And there’s “Springwatch” on TV, thank God. I think I’m up to that. Roll on retirement, eh!!

Oh but I have thought of another nice thing – hurrah indeed. I read three good books on holiday: (a) Jodi Picoult’s Change of Heart – her best yet and a total page-turner. Thoroughly recommended. (b) Anita Shreve’s Body Surfing – ditto. A fabulous read. You must rush out and buy it. Has a totally perfect and poignant ending and a wonderful main character. (c) Harlen Coben’s Hold Tight. The worst of the three really, but still a gripping read. Not as good as his earlier one but great for holidays.

Today’s nice things:

1. Lord H’s napkin skills
2. Reflexology
3. Springwatch
4. Books.

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Jilly said...

I know that feeling - when you've just had a good holiday and you've got to go back to work. Only consolation is you'll feel better if a few days.
Remember J K Rowling? How many times was Harry Potter rejected? Hugs X

Anne Brooke said...

Thanks, Jilly! Though actually in publishing terms, HP was rejected only a very few times - I've been rejected about 3x more than she has - per book!



Lover of Books, Films and Good Coffee Shops Everywhere! said...

Yep, totally agree it’s ghastly coming back to work after a holiday – a holiday makes you see life in a totally different way and because you are away from home you forget about the bills, the chores, the dashing about to get things done.

I’m looking forward to retirement too but they will have probably moved the goal posts again by the time I get to 65 and I’ll have to work until I’m 70!

My one big tip to lift yourself up after a holiday is to immediately get the work holiday chart out and book up your next one and if you have any “time off in lieu hours” to take at work, to book a few odd days in between to meet friends or go somewhere nice. It really helps to have something else to look forward too………

Anne Brooke said...

Too true, Sue - exactly what I'm doing!!



Anonymous said...


You can be depressed for a little while - especially after a great holiday.

But remember - you are my inspiration!

And think of all the people who HAVE bought your books and thoroughly enjoyed them. I'm about to be one of them - quite fancy A Dangerous Man (don't we all) after reading the Vulpes Libris review.

Juliet xx

slippingthroughtheworld said...

anne, they are the three authors i tend to read on holiday too! they are always page-turners. hope you feel better soon. x

Jackie Luben said...

We read an Anita Shreve and a Harlen Coban at the my book circle, some time back, and I agree, both page turners.

I'm feeling irritable too, post holiday, partly at having to deal with the post and the washing, and partly because I didn't get my ten days' worth of sunshine which is my main reason for holidaying.

Bring on the sun and we'll all feel better.

Anne Brooke said...

Thanks, Juliet, Irene & Jackie! - I think the Happy Pills are really working now.


Roll on some sunshine for sure - that'll help us all! And hope you enjoy ADM, Juliet. Hugs for that - though I don't think I've been an inspiration for anyone since 1974!