Sunday, June 22, 2008

Flowered out and the great Web Queen

Had a fantastic birthday yesterday - Lord H and I spent the day in Wisley where the rain mostly held off. Highlights of the day included (a) the amazing Chinese dragons made out of begonias, (b) the glorious rose garden, (c) the wild garden, (d) seeing two frogs, (e) the very good lunch at the Terrace Restaurant, and (f) seeing loads of birds, including a mistle thrush (a first for us). I must admit to being totally flowered out by the time we left. Also had lots of Clarins, books and money as presents, so that's all certainly put a smile on my face. And Dr Who was a shit-hot episode, so what more can you want?

Today, I was too lazy to go to the Quaker service (which I had planned to do), so I obviously have no spiritual staying power to talk of. So no surprises there either. Instead, Lord H and I have spent most of the day attempting to get the Mac to update the Goldenford and my own websites. Lordy, but that's been bloody tough. And there was I thinking it would take a couple of minutes. More fool me then. Still at 6pm, I think we've beaten it into submission, but I have to admit it is a bit of a palaver and involves going into a Windows parallel environment and twiddling one's thumbs while Mac sorts it out. Sigh. So I've discovered one aspect which the PC does do better then! Ah well - I shall just have to save up website changes and do them when I'm feeling strong ...

Tonight, I might watch "Kinky Boots" if I feel up to it - but having also just finished watching "Intermission" with Colin Farrell, I'm still in shell-shock. I do love La Farrell, but the film was grim. Way too grim for me. I was actually rather glad that I didn't manage to get the end of it on the video, due to the football. Perhaps KB will be funnier? I do hope so.

And one of my birthday presents from Lord H was a magnetic haiku set - which I absolutely love! I have made my first haiku with it too:

Concrete blossom whispers
listen to the snow.
Fragile winter morning.

Today's nice things:

1. Getting the ruddy website updates done finally!!
2. Playing with haikus
3. Colin Farrell - though shame about the film ...

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Marla D said...

Happy Birthday for yesterday Anne! Magnetic Haiku eh? Brilliant! I did have the Will Shakespeare magnet set..only a couple of dozen words remain now thanks to house moves & kids..'Snipe Your lunatic Tinker' says my fridge :) x

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear you had a wonderful birthday! Belated best wishes (waves from faraway LJ). Sorry to see you move your blog!

Anne Brooke said...

Many thanks, both! Love that tinker like, Marla! And yes, sorry about LJ, Mara - but I was having to do so many blogs that it was getting ridiculous, and I just couldn't keep up. Down to only doing this one and my MySpace one now, which is much more manageable.

Love & hugs to you both!