Saturday, February 09, 2008

Happy birthday!...

... to Lord H who is just as young and vibrant today as the day I first met him! But without the Salman Rushdie look-alike beard. My dears, it just had to go ... And what a lovely day we're having - though possibly rather bizarre. But hey that's just us, eh!

Today's favourite present is definitely the Terry Wogan book, Wogan's Twelve. It even has a picture of the delightful Fran from Sir Terry's morning show, and I think we're all now in love with her. Me included. What a babe. And she so suits her voice. Marvellous.

Lord H is enjoying himself today (careful, people, careful ...) by nipping into Godalming to make the most of the sunshine and spending this afternoon in Croydon on the first of his Open University tutorials. Well, it takes all sorts, you know. While he's away, I have been having a thoroughly good time with the edit and am now onto page 309 of 465. Hurrah! Managed to get Annyeke's discovery scene in the proverbial bag and even had time to edit one of Simon's stories. Double ruddy hurrah!

Oh, and while I think of it, I did have a very strange dream last night, which will vastly amuse Jackie and Irene, not to mention "Torchwood" fans. I was in the wonderful world of Torchwood, having various adventures, in a setting which was near the sea, with clifftops and a very big house. Lovely day it was too. In the dream, I was Ianto (there's a surprise - I so relate to the hard-pressed office bod, every time ...) and was following Captain Jack up the clifftop to see what was happening at the house. When he turned round, much to my surprise, he'd turned into Jennifer from Goldenford who was wearing a lovely grey winter coat and talking very excitedly. Weird, eh. Lord H says at least I as Ianto wasn't in the middle of kissing the good Captain before he shapeshifted - that might have been a girl-on-girl action sequence too far ...

Lordy, but I need a holiday. Obviously I am working too hard. Which is good news, as Lord H and I will be in sunny Penzance here as from tomorrow till next Thursday. So no blogging till at least Friday, I'm afraid, but I hope you all have a wonderful week.

Oh, and if you're looking for something to read, I can thoroughly recommend Patrick Gale's Notes from an Exhibition. The bloody best thing he's done so far, in my opinion. I was expecting the worst as, with Gale, you tend to get one good book followed by one rubbish one and so on - and his previous one was good. However, NFAE is a cracker - powerful story, great characters, wonderful and realistic interaction and deeply moving. Oh and the best bloody ending I've read in a long, long time. It moved me to tears. Good ones. If there is a weak point, it's Winnie, and Rachel's childhood, but I see why you need those and they're well enough done. I particularly loved Hedley, Garfield (really!) and Antony. Great stuff. More please.

Anyway, tonight it's champagne, sausages, chips & beans, followed by chocolate cheesecake and cream. Or possibly chocolate brownies - we haven't decided yet. I promise to add some salad though, but hey it is Lord H's birthday choice! Cholesterol City, here I come ...

Today's nice things:

1. Lord H's birthday
2. Editing
3. Books.

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Lover of Books, Films and Good Coffee Shops Everywhere! said...

Happy Birthday to Keith. I hope he got our card ok. Have a great holiday in Penzance. Are you going to the Minack Theatre whilst you are down there?
I have always wanted to go there.

Anne Brooke said...

Thanks, Sue - yes, we loved the card!

Hoping to do lots of birdwatching, but will check out that theatre too - thanks for the tip!



Nik Perring said...

Happy Birthday to Mr Anne!

Anne Brooke said...

Thanks, Nik! Mr Anne sends love!



Casdok said...

A belated Happy Birthday!!
Hope you had a good one!!

Lexi said...

Salman Rushdie once bought two items from my Saturday stall in Covent Garden. I recognized his name on the cheque, and asked him if he was the famous...?

The fatwah was announced a month or two later, and I was annoyed, as I'd hoped for repeat custom.

He wore a beret horizontally over his forehead like Benny Hill - I hope your husband never did this when bearded? Not a good look.

Jilly said...

Have a good break both of you - let's hope the sun continues to shine.

Cathy said...

Happy belated birthday to Lord H.

Think the Minack Theatre might be a bit cold this time of year though.


Jackie Luben said...

Belated Happy Birthday to Lord H. I have a complaint. Why wasn't I in the dream?

Jan said...

I so agree re P Gale's new book. Just finished it last week and loved it, although " Rough Music" follows closely as a favoutite. He's amazing on "family": the intricacies, the tensions, joys...
He came up to Cheshire 3 or 4 yrs ago and did a Readers DAy; great fellow.

Anne Brooke said...

Thanks for the comments & good wishes, all! Cornwall was fab, weather was good, we ignored all the berets and I promise you'll be in my next dream, Jackie!