Thursday, February 07, 2008

Editing, Visiting and Mission Complete!

Have spent most of the day editing The Gifting and it seems to be flowing more easily. That will definitely be a temporary thing then!... I'm slowly coming nearer the end of Part Two as well, which is giving me a few flashes of hope in the darkness. And Lordy but how we need those. The end of the section I'm doing now though is just way too slow - I'm going to cut with the merciless determination of a surgeon on speed and shove in a bit of action instead. That'll up the drama factor - I hope.

Have also checked the quality of the Thorn in the Flesh copies at the Goldenford office. They're fine, thank goodness. And I've added to the supply of Pink Champagne and Apple Juice as we were running rather low. Can't have a panic if anyone should actually order one, m'dears! Oo-err, no.

After that, I popped in to see my sick friend at home - who's feeling rather better today, hurrah! Though there are most tests to face in the near future. But it was nice to take a turn round her garden and admire the plants to come. Which is about all you can do this time of year. Dammit. I think I am becoming a flower fetishist. Hell, there are worse things. I also took my broken reading glasses into the opticians - and they actually mended them there and then! Astonishing service - I was really taken aback, so well done, Bateman's ...

And the lovely Lisa Glass has added an article on the Vulpes Libris review site under today's date which is well worth a read. All about the link between book reviewing and blogging. It even includes some idle chatter from me - so thanks for that, Lisa! Much appreciated.

Tonight, I'm hoping to haul myself a little nearer the close of Part Two of the Great Edit, but I will also be glued to "Ashes to Ashes" on TV. A sequel to the glorious "Life on Mars" with the equally glorious Philip Glennister - what could be nicer? Though I have to admit that yesterday's wonderful shouting match between Cap'n Jack and the adorable Rhys was pretty bloody fantastic. Go, Rhys, go! The self-obsessed old bugger needs taking down a peg or two (hush my mouth!). Oh and I have already completed the Torchwood mission - toute seule. I have nothing to declare except my genius, you know.

Today's nice things:

1. Editing
2. TV
3. Completing my Torchwood mission!

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Nik Perring said...

That Vulpes article is wonderful.

Hope the editing continues to be a joy.


Anne Brooke said...

Yes, it's really interesting, isn't it?

I'm on a key scene with Annyeke at the moment and I'm feeling totally shattered - so suspect it's going to be slow today. Though fun.