Monday, February 04, 2008

Running to keep up

All hands to the proverbial today as shed-loads of gubbins hit my desk in the last week before my holiday. Bloody hell, isn’t it always the way? It was just one thing after another – actually, no, that might have been nice. It was just the fact that everything came at once which was sending my blood pressure soaring. Big time.

First of all, we’ve decided to create four different groups out of two, so there was a lot of rejigging meetings, putting others on hold, cancelling people and resurrecting them (ah, the power I have here in the workplace, m’dears …). Plus I had to collate information from one set of minutes and put it into another, with a different focus. Joy abounding, eh! Plus I needed to arrange a computer workstation assessment for a new staff member, factor in the sudden realisation that I’m on an all-day training course tomorrow so have even less time than I originally thought of, attempt to look like a normal member of the office whose head isn’t completely in her novel edit, oh and remember to breathe too.


Add to that the fact that my home email has broken and I have missed several important emails since last Wednesday at least, possibly before, and BT don’t seem to want to sort it out (damn them!) – so I am having to deal with some stuff at my work email or hack into my old address, groan. Oh, and my reading glasses broke last night – I was staring at the computer trying to do some PR for Thorn in the Flesh when the frame around my left eye suddenly snapped and the lens fell out. Luckily the rather sharp end of the frame which remained didn’t go into my eye itself. Honestly, you pay all this money and all you get is crap. At least the optician will mend them for free – they ruddy well ought to! So, for a while, I am back to being blurred. Sigh.

Mind you, the good news is that John re-sent me his response to part one of The Gifting as it was one of the emails I hadn’t received – and he appears to like it a lot better now. Double phew! So I shall trudge on with the edit and attempt to get it finished and to him by March. That being the case, I shall – as far as I can – be cancelling as many engagements as possible this week in order to get as much done before our holiday. February might well turn out to be just as busy as January was! And there was I thinking I might be able to ease off a little. Ah well.

Oh, and I really really needed my reflexology session at lunchtime – I felt about 80% more unwired afterwards, and believe me I was pretty wired up when I went in! Emily is a miracle-worker.

And bloody hell but I have to do the shopping tonight. Damn it!

Today’s nice things:

1. Reflexology
2. John liking the initial stages of The Gifting rewrite
3. Editing.

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