Friday, July 20, 2007

A nearly contract and a failed bookstall

The sounds of semi-rejoicing are heard in the Godalming fields - John Jarrold has just sent a final "yes" to PD Publishing in the US about Maloney's Law. Well, shiver me timbers but I might soon have an actual, real contract to sign. Ye gods, but that will be a miracle indeed. Shocked Godalming Writer has to take a long lie-down and some strong smelling salts - the perfect headline in fact. However, I'm not cracking open the champagne until the contract is in my hot little hand. I know too well what this game is like, m'dears ...

I spent the first part of this morning polishing up my women & gay fiction article and sending it out to those noble women who have contributed to my meanderings - ie Erastes, M L Rhodes and Sharon Maria Bidwell - so they can check they like the content. After I've okayed it with them, I think I'll try Mslexia magazine first, before heading to the usual suspects. As it were. I think it's got a feminist interest angle, which is what they always seem to go for.

The rest of the day has been spent with Irene at the Shepperton bookstall on behalf of Goldenford. Gordon Bennett, but it was pissing it down. Big time. We got soaked packing the car with the books, and then I parked in what was basically a lake in the Shepperton Village Hall carpark. This involved us wading through water which was well over our ankles just in order to unload the car. We were utterly wet through, and I spent the whole afternoon barefoot - and still my socks and shoes didn't dry!! Dammit. And with all that, we only sold one book - one of Irene's, hurrah! So, all in all, not a great success. I doubt we'll be doing that one again. Still, we did get a lot of brainstorming done - we think that next time we do a Goldenford stall, we need props - such as pink champagne, free apple juice, red wine, Indian accessories and Medieval food and ceramics. All of which relate to our books. At least it will get the punters talking - let's hope it get them buying too!

Back home, I've attempted to ring Mother - but discover she's already been sent home. Double huzzahs all round. Ye gods, but keyhole surgery is amazing. She still has further tests to undergo to find out if she needs chemotherapy, but I'm hoping not, and that all will be well. But it's great news that she's back home, especially for her wedding anniversary next week. My stepfather is apparently even bringing her tea - which is a miracle in itself.

Oh, and today, Writewords has finally offered A Dangerous Man and A Stranger's Table for review. Not much interest or many takers so far, dammit, but I'm hoping someone on site might be persuaded soon. Lord, but it will be sooooo embarrassing if nobody wants them - after all, I've been a regular there for about three years now. Help!

Today's nice things:

1. My nearly contract - here's hoping ...
2. Getting my article finished
3. Mother being at home.

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Jan said...

Good Luck with your contract and sorry not to have been about for a while but shall make amends!

Anne Brooke said...

Thanks, Jan! Hope you're well, btw - hugs!