Monday, July 09, 2007

Reflexology, holidays and Goldenford

A busy morning today sorting out the emails from last week. The nearer we get to the new term in September, the more queries arise – understandably. Not to mention the Freshers’ Week Student Care Services presentations which I’m in charge of organising. A true exercise in logistics, that is. It’s all done by smoke and mirrors, you know. Arrgghh!!

But, joy of joys – we’ve booked a few days away this weekend – hurrah!! Thanks to Lord H finishing his theology essay early (what a hero indeed), we can go and spend a few days in the south-west looking at birds and generally milling (I hope!) before Mother goes into hospital next week. I think we both deserve it for sure.

Had my usual reflexology appointment at lunchtime – it’s just sooo relaxing. I think I fell asleep several times, so must obviously have needed the nap time. One of the true highlights of my working day really.

Ooh, and Ruth is back, which is marvellous – how I’ve missed her – and is regaling us with tales of Botswana, hippos and canoeing. She’s the adventurous, derring-do type, you see. I’d be way too terrified for any of that … My idea of a holiday is wall-to-wall champagne at all times and decent chocolates left (in foil) on my pillow at night.

Other top work news – the blinds I broke have finally been replaced – obviously Ruth’s imminent return galvanised the workmen into action where my pleas went unheard … However, now the cords are at Ruth’s end of the window rather than mine – I am indeed entirely stripped of my office responsibilities and gutted to the core. The only good news is that I still have charge of the window pole, aha!

Today’s the day that my agent is negotiating the Maloney’s Law contract with PD Publishing so I’m hoping that goes well and everyone ends up being happy with what’s agreed. Um, including me. Funny how these things seem way out of my control, even though I’m the author. It’s the way of the world, I imagine. Though John has been very clear and helpful in going through the contract, I must say. And, actually, being a Secretary for so many years has at least taught me that my voice may well be the last listened to, tee hee!... Anyway, that said, good luck, John & PD – hope it’s a pleasant few conversations for you both.

And tonight, I’ve got a Goldenford meeting, so will minute that and hope to write up over the next couple of evenings before we’re away.

Today’s nice things:

1. Booking a long weekend away – hurrah!
2. Reflexology
3. Catching up with Goldenford.

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