Monday, July 02, 2007

Reflexology and the publication game

Received the contract for publication of Maloney’s Law from PD Publishing ( this morning, so have had a read through. It seems okay to me, though I do have one or two questions. But I’ll wait to see what John ( thinks first before I put my penny’s worth into the pot. It even has a section for advances. Advances?? Surely not! That’s never happened to me, m’dears. And I can’t imagine it will be much as my understanding was that small publishers never gave advances these days anyway. I was surprised to see it included at all. Though it does – almost! – make me feel like a real author. I’m still praying the negotiations will be okay and that everyone will be content with what’s agreed – there’s nothing worse than it all going haywire and then being left empty-handed in the middle of it all. Which, as you know, has happened before – with the previous potential publisher for A Dangerous Man. Still, at least John seems far nicer and more reasonable than my former agent – AKA She Who Must Not Be Named …

It will also be interesting to hear any feedback from John’s conversation with Alex from Hodder about Thorn in the Flesh. Goodness me, I’ve gone all writerly and am in danger of disappearing up my own behind. Sorry! Still, at least it will be warm and safe there. One hopes. One day, this strange fantasy world of writing will swallow me up entirely and I’ll never be seen again, you know. It’s like being on the Star Trek holosuite sometimes. I do understand that the World of Anne is not actually like this in real life …

STOP PRESS: Apparently, Alex still wants to see Thorn, so I have told John I will read through and put in the suggested changes she talked about and get it to him by the beginning of next week. Bloody hell. I'd better get to it then. But, first, a pause for astonished screaming - arrrrgggghhhh!!! However, do not panic - no doubt once she's seen the full monty, she will reject it, but for now I'm enjoying the unexpected yes. Ye gods.

Meanwhile, back on the ranch (hope you’re reading this, Jane H, as that old phrase of mine should bring a smile to your face!), I’ve cleared my emails at work, and am planning to type up the new student finance leaflet for the website. This lunchtime, I indulged myself with a much-needed reflexology session. Bliss, as ever. And this afternoon, I am struggling to understand the new University Internal Requisition arrangements. For so many years now, we’ve been doing them entirely on paper and it will be so nice to have it all online like the rest of my working world. But I have to admit that I really don’t understand the instructions, which run to nine large paragraphs of small email print. I keep losing the will to live by Para Two. Focus, Brookie, focus …

Tonight, Lord H is out at theology, doing the 21st century. All in one evening. Marvellous. I must say he’s not as happy with the course as he was at the beginning, and is going to speak to the tutors about it tonight. I hope it’s okay, and that they don’t go all “holy” on him. There’s nothing worse than trying to have a reasonable conversation with someone who keeps pulling out the “God is on my side” card. And I know, as I’ve tried. It’s soooo soul-destroying when they do that. Aren’t we all supposed to be human? After all, I like to think that God is also in my brain, and that sometimes I can be right, even in an argument about religion. Vicars out there, take note! Now I’m in my 40s, I’m not taking any pseudo-holy clap-trap flannel any more! Anyway, Lord H has a back-up plan of doing some Open University courses, which might be more intellectually stimulating than what the Diocese seem able to provide, so we may well have the last laugh. You never know.

Ooh, and thanks to Sue ( who’s made the Pink Champagne and Apple Juice blog a separate, much jazzier entity – which can be found here: Thanks, Sue - it looks great! Do drop by and leave us a message – I promise to be on my best behaviour when in polite company. Honest! But have mercy and don't expect an immediate reply, as I will be knee-deep in Thorn ...

And here’s a quick poem:

Seventies Girl

These days
I find myself longing
for prawn cocktail,
vol-au-vents, Black Forest gateau
at every meal.

I wonder why
my trousers are so narrow
at the ankle
and smile
at my flat-soled shoes.

Every now and then,
I still taste on my tongue,
I fear,
the pink sparkle of Babycham
and that damn deer.

Finally, was it just me or was “Rome” last night a little too much on the violent side of violent? Even for my delicate sensibilities? Less is more, chaps, please!

Today’s nice things:

1. Getting a contract
2. Hodder actually wanting to see Thorn! [Arrrggghhh!!! Again ...]
3. The new Pink Champagne blog.

Anne Brooke


Cathy said...

Wow, all good news at the moment! Well done.

Definitely worth Lord H looking at the OU courses too.I've enjoyed the ones I've done.


Anne Brooke said...

Thanks, Cathy! And will tell Lord H what you say - thanks for the help!



Anonymous said...

Even bigger well done than yesterday!

Ahem, you are a real author. I still think you should get a t-shirt with it printed on!

Love the poem and still love prawn cocktails (plus more work to pinch from you for champers!). :-)

Anyway you go girl.

Sue xx

Anne Brooke said...

Thanks, Sue! And pinch away, m'dear ... Not sure about that t-shirt though!!