Tuesday, July 24, 2007

UniSWriters and Clapham Junction's darker side

No spiders in the bath today – hurrah! – and an unexpected lack of rain. Not sure what that big yellow round thing is in the sky though. Weird. Watched my video of “Clapham Junction” last night (part of Channel 4’s Gay Week) – strong stuff, but rather too gloomy for my liking. I wasn’t really convinced by the young teenager seducing the older guy though. Seems highly unlikely to me - the lad was just way too confident. And there were just too many coincidences. Nice to see all those stars strutting their stuff though – and my goodness what a lot of it they strutted. There was something peculiarly British and uptight about it somehow - actually, if they’d added some humour, it might have made a good “Carry On” film. Which must be saying something – if I only knew what.

The usual weekly meeting with the boss today – mainly preparing for tomorrow’s meeting. There’s not really a lot else going on, to be honest. Typical vacation time. Had UniSWriters at lunch, which was nice. More of an informal meeting than a real one, as most of us are away or on holidays. Had a lovely email submission from Alan for the meeting – he’d created a cracker of a piece of flash fiction from the words, “superman”, “cheese” and “nits”. It was great! I think I’ll cancel the August meeting though – give us all a break till September.

This afternoon, the builders have decided to use the drill as much as possible, plus indulge in a lot of shouting and having the radio on full-tilt. Apparently, they seem to like something which I’m reliably informed is called “The Umbrella Song” and is number one in the Popular Beat Combo charts. Hey ho. I am, as you can see, at the cutting edge of modern culture. As ever.

Here’s another piece of flash fiction. It’s the piece I did at UniSWriters today:

The decisive moment

The first thing he saw when he turned the corner was the burnt-out hulk of the house he used to live in. Bugger. So much for sprinklers and an alarm system connected straight to the fire station, eh? All that money spent for nothing.
The second thing he saw was his wife. She was kneeling on their garden path, clutching what appeared to be his Barbour jacket and wailing. She didn’t look pretty. The man over the road was trying to comfort her. Horny bastard, he thought.
He was about to put the Jag into neutral when he thought again. Gazing at the scene, he found the words, 'Easy come easy go', drifting through his head. Then he drove on.

Tonight I’m planning to do more to The Bones of Summer – time to take Craig back to his roots. With Paul of course. Up the tension a little. That’s the hope anyway.

Still no sign of any contract from PD Publishing for Maloney’s Law yet. And I can’t chase John until at least Friday, as he’s moving to Lincoln this week. Deep breaths, eh, gal – deep breaths!

Today’s nice things:

1. No spiders (so far!)
2. UniSWriters
3. Writing.

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