Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Gay's the Word and Guildford Writers

Jennifer at Goldenford emailed me last night to say that she’d had a discussion with one of the people at Gay’s the Word bookshop in London about A Dangerous Man and Pink Champagne and Apple Juice, and there might be some interest in putting on an event there at some stage. Gosh – well done, Jennifer. And thank you. Honestly, the woman’s like a tidal wave. I’m impressed about the talking up of a book Goldenford didn’t actually publish though! The only thing is that I now have to ring up Jim (the manager) at Gay’s the Word to see what his opinion is. How I hate these marketing calls – I’d much rather do things via email or not at all really. It’s seriously scary. I’ll never sound like a “real” author (whatever one of them is …), no matter how long I live.

UPDATE: Well, I rang the poor chap and burbled on unconvincingly. From the University loos. As you do. The upshot is I’ll send him a copy of A Dangerous Man with information on where he can get it from. And then we can breathe an extremely clichéd sigh of relief and get on with our usual life of Z-list obscurity, tee hee. And not writing. Which seems to be the case these days. Double sigh. Still, to show willing, I’ll pop some details in about Pink Champagne and Apple Juice. You never know your luck, eh …

FURTHER UPDATE: Sean at Flame Books has offered to send a copy of A Dangerous Man to Jim and get in touch with him directly. Gawd bless you, Sean – lovely to get the email. I’m just so used to doing everything myself that sometimes I forget the publisher aspect entirely. It certainly made me feel a little lighter of heart anyway! Ooh, and it must be my day (or possibly Michael’s day) as Sean has also sent out further review/promo copies to other venues (well done, Sean, and thank you) and has negotiated ADM’s availability on Amazon.uk and Amazon.com. Gosh, Michael might be easier to get hold of soon (as it were!), both here and across the water. He’ll enjoy that for sure.

Went for a walk around campus at lunchtime – nice to get out of the office. Without the terror of having to call anyone. Sat by the lake and enjoyed gazing at the ducks, the coots and the moorhens, the latter of which had two chicks. Lovely. The ducks also indulged in a display of simultaneous leg stretching. Very talented birds really. And I’m amazed they could balance on one leg at all.

And it’s Mother’s operation sometime today (they didn’t know if it would be morning or afternoon – that the NHS for you then), so hope all that goes well for her. Interestingly, I did ring the hospital last night to check she’d got in okay, and followed Mother’s instructions to the letter about never (under pain of destruction) referring to the ward manager as “matron” but always asking for the “Ward Co-ordinator” instead. This I duly did. There was a long, blank silence (as silences often are, funnily enough …) followed by a glorious Essex accent asking me if I meant Matron. So much for being modern, eh?

And here’s some flash fiction for the Writewords Flash Fiction II Group – this week’s theme is “obdurate”:

A change is as good …

Forty years she’d been married to him and she’d never known him change his mind. Once he’d made a decision, however small, it was set in stone. It was for this reason that she’d had one child only, that they’d never been abroad, that she didn’t own a colour television and that they’d always lived in Reigate. The morning after the funeral, she sent dating agency details to her son (she’d make do with grandchildren or want to know the reasons why …), booked a holiday in Fuengirola, placed a call to Dixon’s and asked her neighbour what Scotland was like. Well, a change was as good as a rest, they said. And now the old bugger was dead, she intended to find out for herself.

Suspect there might be the beginnings of a very strange novel in there somewhere, but let’s hope it doesn’t surface too soon, eh …

Tonight, it’s Guildford Writers, but I’m not taking anything of the novel along, as I’m feeling rather low on the confidence stakes, and don’t feel much up to being brave. Am happy to give reasoned opinions on other people’s work though and maybe take along today's flash fiction piece, so I hope not to be a complete lemon in the meeting. Will also need to go along in order to (a) donate wine bottles to Irene who is making plum wine (sounds like heaven – hope we get a chance to sample some, Irene …) and doesn’t have enough empty bottles to put it in (can’t understand that myself) and (b) give copies of Pink Champagne and Apple Juice to Jennifer and Jackie, both of whom plan to run a Goldenford bookstall at separate locations in the near future.

Today’s nice things:

1. The contact with Gay’s the Word, and Sean’s offer
2. Lunchtime walk
3. Guildford Writers (without the fear of reading!)

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Anonymous said...

Brilliant news about the books!

Sue xx

Anne Brooke said...

Thanks, Sue! Let's hope so anyway!