Monday, November 05, 2007

Reflexology, poppies and the trials of Tesco

Quite a calm start to the day – unusual for a Monday really. The boss is back too, after the birth of his second child – a daughter. Named Georgina – which is a great name. The family seem to be getting some kind of sleep too, which must surely be a miracle. Not that I like babies at all – or even children really – but it is nice when people get what they want. Such a surprise in today’s world!

Have spent this morning catching up with emails and sorting out student queries. It seems to be a bad time of year for them at the moment, poor things … Everyone is sick. Heck, I can sympathise though. I also remembered to bring in my over-the-elbow black gloves for Ruth who’s off to a fancy dress party soon and needed a pair. Good to know that I have my uses at times – and even more astonishing that I’ve worn them for real in the past. Well, my old company used to do ultra-posh dinner dances and you have to scrub up well.

This lunchtime, I chilled out in my reflexology session. I’m hoping it will do my ankle good too, as I’m still keen to dance on Wednesday. Had the weekly catch-up session with the boss during the afternoon, as he’s still on partial family duties tomorrow – when we normally catch up – and had two weeks’ worth of queries to motor through. A baptism of fire for us both indeed!

And, all the time, the new Starbucks café on campus is slowly coming together – it’s going to be next door to us once it’s opened, so I expect huge weight gains in the first week alone … Today, the green Starbucks lettering is lying all over the floor outside and we are pressing our noses to the window and salivating. So no change there then for us as an office.

Meanwhile, in spite of the fact that the Lord H/Mad Bitch Household actually has no fewer than four poppies, I have forgotten to wear a single one of them today. Sigh!

Tonight, I did the Tesco shopping – ah, where would I be without the fortnightly trial of it?? It’s always such a relief to get that chore over. However, I couldn’t bear it if I had to do it later in the week – even though not being able to reach homedotcom till later than usual on a Monday is of course horrifying. Hmm, or maybe that’s just me …

Joy at home though! The marvellous James Bennett's novel, Unrequited turned up today, so I shall thoroughly look forward to getting into that. A dark twisted gay novel - what more could I want? And talking of dark, twisted gay novels, A Dangerous Man has at last arrived at Tony's address, so it saves me having to get a torch out and wander round London trying to find poor Michael ... Thanks for letting me know, Tony, and I hope you enjoy the read!

Am also planning to do more editing to Jackie’s Tainted Tree. I’m on Part Two now, so forging ahead. The end of Part One had me sobbing into my keyboard like a baby. It’s difficult to attempt editing when you have to keep blowing your nose … Less traumas, Jackie, please!!

Today’s nice things:

1. Reflexology
2. Getting home – eventually!
3. Editing Tainted Tree.

Anne Brooke
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Jackie Luben said...

You know you love a good weep, Anne. There'll be more to come. (I hope)

Lover of Books, Films and Good Coffee Shops Everywhere! said...

You're getting a Starbucks !!!! I'm so jealous but then maybe not as i'd probably end up spending half my wages in there on their delicious coffee and muffins, not to mention the mugs and other desirables they sell.....

Anne Brooke said...

True, Jackie! I've been sensible and brought the tissues into the computer room though - it saves having to stumble sobbing round the flat trying to find some ...

And I think Starbucks might be completely bad for me in the end, Susan - for that very reason!!



Cathy said...

Do Tesco do home delevery in your area? Might be the answer to the fortnightly nightmare...


Anne Brooke said...

True, Cathy! And they do - but when I tried it, they were very rude and unhelpful. Also they refused to bring the stuff up our 16 outside stairs or 16 internal ones as it was against their regulations or something. I also thought the man they sent was very dodgy and my skin prickled when I was near him. In the end I just locked him out, waited until he'd gone and then ventured out to collect the bags he'd strewn across the shared path.

Lots of the goods were wrong too. I gave up at that point!