Friday, November 09, 2007

The Editing Queen with more than a touch of golf

Struggled round the golf course with Marian today - not so much due to the standard of our game (which was better than last weekend), but we were flummoxed by leaves. Hmm, there might be a poem title there somewhere, but I'll have to think about it. I do love the word "flummoxed". Anyway, because of last night's wind (careful, people ...), there were so many leaves all over the place on the course that it was virtually impossible to find your ball once you'd hit it. Yes, yes, I know the non-golfers out there will be thinking: what? Golden leaves and white balls - you must be joking!! But with the winter light as it is and half the leaves showing the white undersides, you have to be standing on your ball (careful, again ...) before you can see it. At one point, in the hunt for Marian's ball - which had ended up in a ditch stuffed full of autumn leaves - I found myself hitting the leaves with my club and snarling, "Don't worry, Marian, I'm going to beat the damn ball to death which will save you having to hit it", whilst giggling helplessly. Never say I am not a supportive and professional golf partner ...

I then popped into Godalming in order to stock up on Dead Sea Soap and the Surrey Advertiser. As you do. Really, m'dears, my weekend is incomplete without them ... For the rest of the day, I've been editing Jackie's book for Goldenford and sobbing once more at the tearjerker sections. My mother is just so going to enjoy it when it's published - she loves a good saga! I'm now on Chapter 21 of 30 and thoroughly enjoying the journey.

Tonight, I really have to try to watch last week's "Ugly Betty" on TV before this week's turns up - but I'm not sure quite where I'm going to fit it in. As we really have to do some cleaning at some stage, dammit.

Oh, and Lisa Glass's Prince Rupert's Teardrop has arrived, so thank you for that, Lisa! I'm still reading James Bennett's Unrequited but, once that's finished, PRT is next on my list! Mind you, I couldn't help but read the first couple of pages and already I love Mary, the main character. Completely off-the-wall, and my how I wish I had the courage to be that destructive at work. In my dreams ...!

Today's nice things:

1. Golf
2. Editing
3. Lisa's parcel.

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